My New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Keep up journaling, offline and on the blog
    I would like to do at least one blog post per week and three offline journal entries. I want to establish a regular writing habit.
  2. Keep up meditation practice
    Study Buddhist ideas and keep up with the meditation practice I started in earnest last fall. I’ve been going to a thirty minute meditation session for about a year, because it’s offered at work (and I will also continue with this), but my regular practice at home is what will bring the practice to a higher level. I’ve been doing 45 minutes almost every day since November and it’s already changing my daily life – I’m trying to live more mindfully and it’s working, even if only in small ways. The more I’m meditating, the easier and more interesting it seems to be getting.
  3. Read more books and reduce my time surfing the Internet
    I had this goal last year too, and it went well.
  4. Learn Latin
    Not sure if I’m really serious about this. I want to do it, but my other goals may get in the way. Also: procrastination (see below).
  5. Stop procrastinating so much
    Mindfulness might help with this.

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