At Mom’s

It’s 6:15 am and I’ve been lying awake in bed for at least 1.5 hours, so I’ve given up on sleep. The snow plow driving past our house woke me. I also heard the fire alarm siren going off at 4:45 am. Wonder what’s up – maybe a tree has fallen and blocked a road somewhere. It’s been snowing and we had a storm last Thursday. “Friederike” it’s a year of women’s names for storms again. Caused a lot of chaos specially in the middle and north of Germany, but we were affected in the South as well. Lots of wind, snow, sleet, and rain this week. Probably many trees are not rooted as strongly as they might be in the soaked ground. Also a lot of cracked branches groaning under the weight of the new snow. Is a blocked road way in the country a reason for waking up the volunteer firefighters in the middle of the night? Hope it wasn’t a fire or a bad accident. Maybe there’ll be something in the paper about it.

For the last ten days, I’ve been at my mother’s doing home office. The time went past quickly, as it usually does when I’m here. I didn’t do all the things I meant to do, but that’s almost always the case. There’s not much spare time during the week, what with working eight hours and walking the dog at least two hours (a long walk in the morning, as short one in my lunch break, and a longish one in the afternoon). Curious Dog is still young and needs his walks, otherwise he’s bored and restless. In between walks, he either watches my Mum in the kitchen, hoping for some left-overs, or he dozes in my office under the desk. Sometimes he barks out of the window at passers-by walking their dogs on the bike track. Or comes for a cuddle.


Walking the dog early in the morning is the best part of my day, even in Winter. I like tramping through the woods. As a bonus, we had a couple of snow treks this week. I’ve even got used to being out in bad weather. I’m posting a couple of pictures from our walks. The pond in one of the pictures is the spring of our local creek. It dried out in Summer, but now it seems to be filling up again. Hope it lasts. The other one is of our track up into the woods behind our house. Both are from this week – almost Spring-like weather in one and snow in the other. Of course, it’s snowing now on the morning I’m returning to my other home. Hope the roads will be clear (but they should be, it’s thawing). And no lorries on the Autobahn* on Sundays.

*German for motorway. The German motorways are closed for lorries on Sundays. This helps to avoid traffic jams. All the motorway service areas are filled with lorries on Sundays waiting for 10:00 pm when they are allowed to drive again.


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