Books Read in 2017

Some statistics on what I read last year:

68 novels:

  • 23 crime
  • 12 fanfiction
  • 8 fantasy
  • 6 literature
  • 7 sci-fi
  • 1 sci-fi/fantasy
  • 11 young adult fantasy
  • 1 young adult literature

22 books:

  • 6 autobiographies
  • 1 biography
  • 2 Buddhism
  • 13 non-fiction (mostly on health and life-style, reading and writing)

11 short stories plus 1 collection of short stories

1 drama

3 graphic novels

  • 2 young adult fantasy
  • 1 literature

The best read last year was Samuel Richardson: Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady. Reading this classic was a project a friend and I did together. We spaced it out, it took about six or seven months. I had expected it to be a bit of a boring slog, but instead it was surprisingly modern, even full of suspense. It dealt with topics like sibling rivalry, stupid parenting, naive young girls, an arrogant, misogynist, lying rapist, the corrupting power of money, gender relations, hypocrisy, and late regrets. Also: just deserts. I liked it so much that I’m sure I’ll be rereading it sometime in the future.

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