February Reading

Continuing the theme from January Reading, I read the three Kate Fansler crime novels that I hadn’t got around to in January:

Cross, Amanda:

  • The Theban Mysteries
  • Honest Doubt
  • The Edge of Doom

Theban was one of the earlier novels in the series that I missed, because I didn’t own it in paperback. I’ve now got an e-book version. Quite a fun read, with a rather scurrilous idea: the elite girls’ school Kate went to in her youth keeps a couple of Dobermans on the roof. They patrol the school at night to discourage break-ins and seemingly scare someone’s mother to death. Kate is asked to find out the truth about the death.Read More »

Rocannon’s World

Le Guin, Ursula, K: Rocannon’s World

On the surface, the story of this novel is straightforward: Rocannon, a sort of interstellar anthropologist from the League of All Worlds who is studying the people of a non-space faring planet, is trapped on the planet when his spaceship is destroyed by an enemy of the League. He has adventures while traveling the planet trying to find and defeat this enemy.Read More »

Winter Sunshine

Lovely winter weather today: deep frost and sunshine. Walking Curious Dog this morning was cold, but fun.

No photo of CD as he wouldn’t hold still, but an impression of the woods in morning sunshine (albeit little blurry).


Odds and Ends

This morning when I went walking at 8 am with Curious Dog, it was -5 or- 6°C. The mud was frozen and therefore good to walk on and it was lovely and sunny. The air was bracing. CD and I did our usual weekday morning walkabout up the hill into the woods and downhill at the other end of the village and back in the valley via the bike trail. The last part was odoriferous (to say the least), because a farmer had taken the opportunity of the frozen ground to spread liquid manure all over his fields – the joys of country living.

It’s carnival time, the so-called fifth season. Last weekend, on Saturday afternoon, there was a small but loud and boisterous carnival procession with three tractors pulling decorated trailers, a couple of cars, and probably about 150 participants in fancy dress. The motto was something to do with disco and the seventies. Mutti and I had meant to watch from our balcony, but the neighbors came and got us to come to their driveway. That was nice. We got a few of the sweets traditionally thrown to the spectators and had a couple of drinks (well, I did) – the neighbours take the opportunity to get rid of some of their alcohol stores. I had a very nice homemade elderberry liquor. That was my carnival – I’m not that keen on it, really (too loud, too many people). Good thing our small village is not a carnival stronghold.Read More »