Let’s talk about resolutions.

Last year’s resolutions were these (also found here):

  1. Keep up journaling, offline and on the blog
  2. Keep up meditation practice
  3. Read more books and reduce my time surfing the Internet
  4. Learn Latin
  5. Stop procrastinating so much

The first one wasn’t such a success. I only kept up journaling and/or blogging until March. Then I got derailed, because Mutti was sick and I was so busy, I didn’t get around to writing about my days. She was only sick for about a week, but my fledgling habit was broken, and I didn’t manage to restart it. Mutti’s illness showed me that living so far away and only visiting one week per month (doing home office) wouldn’t work in a crisis. So, I consulted with my partner and with Mutti and we decided to move together into a new apartment near my place of work. That meant house-hunting — I found a new apartment (actually a small, kind of semi-detached house with a bit of garden) pretty quickly (by May) and we moved in August. It was a lot of work and pretty expensive. Also, the monthly rent is a lot higher than at my previous place. Mutti helps out by paying for her room and board (otherwise it would be too expensive for me, and it’s only fair since we could otherwise rent a smaller, cheaper place).

The move was a bit of a nightmare. I hadn’t realized that I’d accumulated so much stuff and especially I’d forgotten about all the broken and unused stuff that we’d just chucked into the cellar all those years (we lived for ten years at the old place).

The new place is farther away from work and I have to drive through three towns/villages, which is a pain. It takes about 25 to 35 minutes depending on the traffic. I hope the new apartment will be a lot cooler in summer. The old one was dreadfully hot last Summer, and I would have wanted to move even if the situation with Mutti hadn’t come up. But when we did move, I was quite a bit homesick, which surprised as I hadn’t thought I had become so attached.

I don’t like my new landlady as much as the old one. The old one only raised the rent once in ten years, but the new one is going to raise it every two years and she made me sign a statement saying that the apartment was renovated when I moved in (which it wasn’t. I renovated it myself in return for the kitchen and some other stuff that I took on from the last renter). She wants me to renovate again when I move out. This is actually illegal, so I’m not too worried, but it will probably cause a lot of conflict when I do move out again (hopefully only when I retire as I don’t want to move again before then).

But back to last year’s resolutions: number two was pretty successful. It was the only thing that kept me together during the stress of the move.

I also read a lot of books (but I don’t know how many, because I stopped keeping my list).

In Autumn, after the move, I got started with Latin, but didn’t keep it up. I did collect a lot of free study materials on the internet, so I’m all set to start again.

The procrastination resolution was a total fail.

In sum, of five resolutions only two were mostly successful (meditation and reading books), the rest were only partially met (or not at all). Still, better than nothing.

Here are my new ones for 2019:

  1. Keep up journaling and blogging (let’s see how it goes this year)
  2. Deepen meditation practice: meditate for 45 minutes per day with the timer and do a course of weekly guided meditations as well
  3. Keep reading books
  4. Start with Latin again and turn it into a habit
  5. Start running with the dog (at least sometimes)
  6. Stop procrastinating (I’m sure this would make my life easier, so I’m trying again.

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