Starting a Short Work Week

First day at work after a four-day long weekend. It’ll be a short work week, only three working days. It was ok — we have upcoming deadlines and I needed to do the usual quality checks. They went quite well. I like making sure that the stuff I’m responsible for is in good shape. It’s a lot of comparing of things with other things, doing plausibility checks, and contacting people if some of their content raises some kind of red or yellow flag. It panders to a certain bossiness in my nature that I otherwise try to keep in check.

I had my birthday cake for lunch and some other cake as well and an apple, so I was hungry for something savoury by the time I got home. On the way, I stopped off at a grocery store to get some fresh vegetables and bread for the rest of the week, as I hadn’t felt like doing a thorough shopping trip on my birthday. Luckily, all the shops I usually shop at (or at least stores from the same chain) are on my commute.

When I got home, as usual, I took Curious Dog for his evening walk. It was nice. Sunny and cool. I guess it’ll soon be summerish hot and we’ll have to skulk around in the shade, as CD doesn’t really tolerate heat very well. Neither do I. We didn’t have any notable meet-ups with other dogs.

Mushrooms with red bell peppers on brown basmati rice for dinner, cooked by my partner (they usually cook during the week which is really helpful), and a last helping of birthday cake for everyone as dessert. Yum!

Some meditation and then another two episodes of season 10 Doctor Who rounded off the day.

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