Travel Day

Only worked in the morning today and used the afternoon to drive to my Mum’s place for the next week or so, where I’ll be doing home office. I’d already packed my clothes the night before and when I returned home, we had lunch (a quick one, pasta with pesto). Afterwards, my partner grabbed Curious Dog and took him for a quick walk, while I collected and packed up his toys, packed up any foodstuff that would go off if we left it behind, and loaded everything into the car. We always have such a lot of stuff:

  • 1 bag with my clothes
  • 1 office backpack with my office notebook and other stuff
  • 1 trolley for Mutti
  • 1 plastic box with dog food and other food
  • 1 bag with CD’s toys and towels
  • Assorted bits and pieces (shoes, handbags, whatever)

The packing is a bit of a pain, but I’ve got a lot more relaxed about it. That’s also a mindfulness thing.

Then shutting up the house: lowering the shutters on all the windows on the ground floor and turning off the water at the main tap. And then it’s into the car and off to the Autobahn.

It’s the season for construction work on the Autobahn and there’s a huge construction site just a few kms along the way, but there’s no good way around it. It always has huge traffic jams for lorries, but for cars it’s usually ok. Today there was more traffic than the last few times, and there was another temporary construction site after the first one, so we took longer than usually on the Autobahn. After the Autobahn, there’s still a long stretch of Bavarian country roads, also with lots of lorries on weekdays. And we had to divert around another construction site just before we arrived home. The trip took more than three hours (usually it’s slightly quicker), but we arrived safely and that’s all that counts.

The partner also drove off to his ancestral home and reached it safely, so that’s fine, too.

Curious Dog was great in the car but excited before and after (lots of barking). Before we leave, he’s anxious to hop into the car, and after we arrive he’s anxious to hop out. But in between he’s very good (and luckily doesn’t get carsick).

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