Green Thursday

German for Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter.

My commute was even faster today, as it is vacation time and there’s noticeably less traffic. I think there are two weeks of Easter school holidays here, the weeks before and after the Easter weekend. The Autobahnen will fill up with vacationers, but that won’t affect my commute.

I had to finish up one last document, and publish at least some of correction I did yesterday, which I managed. The other corrections will get published next week. And I finished the updating the last document; then there’ll be some downtime until the next deadline. But there’s always enough to do, and the next update will be a very thorough one for which I will have to remind a lot of colleagues to update their sections.

My quality issue from yesterday refused to clear up on its own, and I had to get support involved. Luckily, they came up with a solution that didn’t need any extra work from me.

Otherwise, I had one dreadfully boring meeting and then finished the work day early and left for home at 3 p.m. Long weekend ahoy! On the way back, I did some grocery shopping.

We had a traditional Green Thursday meal: A yogurt dip with seven different green herbs, spring onion and garlic with boiled potatoes and radicchio salat (the salad is non-tradional) A simple, fast, and delicious meal.

Weather was great again, almost too hot on the evening walk with Curious Dog. My meditation practice went well. I had the skylight open to enjoy the warm air and singing birds, but someone a few yards on was cleaning their patio with a steam cleaner. It was amazingly loud and quite drowned out the birdsong, but I took it as a meditation object, which was surprisingly effective.

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