Holiday Activities

Last night, I dreamt that at work we had such huge parking lots around our office buildings that helicopters were used to shuttle the employees to their office buildings. The helicopters had a kind of cage around the cockpits where people, exposed to the elements, hung on while the pilots flew them where they needed to go. I was the last one to be dropped off on one shuttle trip. The pilot forgot I was still hanging on, and started doing aerobatics, looping the loop and such things, until I knocked on the cockpit roof to let him know I was still there. Then I woke up. Very odd.

In contrast to my usual laziness on holidays, I was amazingly effective in the morning. I baked muffins while my partner and Curious Dog were off walking, and then cleaned all the floors on the ground floor: kitchen, loo, hall, and living-room. All of that before lunch.

For lunch my partner cooked cream of pumpkin soup (one of his specialties), which was perfect. Probably it’ll be the last one until Autumn. We like pumpkin soup, but not usually in Summer. It was a fitting soup finale!

In the afternoon, we watched The Shape of Water, which we have on blu-ray. It was ok but I kind of expected something else. I thought the water person was really made of water, not some man with gills. But the relationship between the water person and the mute cleaner was very touching.

I also had a lot of time for reading (currently reading The Overstory, by Richard Powers). I walked with Curious Dog, a fairly long route, uphill, over a bridge, through fields, and then back down to the town through the woods. They’ve done a lot of logging recently. When we returned, an Italian ice-cream van was just stopping right in front of our driveway. We all had the first Italian ice-cream of the year. I had yoghurt and blueberry. Sadly, the blueberry wasn’t as good as the ice-cream we used to get at our last place. The van was from one of the neighbouring villages, but there’s an ice-cream parlour here in town, too. We’ll be trying that out soon.

After dinner, we started watching the second season of The Bridge, a Danish/Swedish co-produced TV crime series. The second season seems to be about eco-terrorism, but who knows what other ramifications will occur. One of the main characters is an autistic police detective. It’s riveting.

I was so busy all day, with house-cleaning and more pleasant occupations that I almost didn’t have time for my meditation practice, but I managed half-an-hour. One would think it’d be easier to find time to sit on holidays, but in reality they disrupt normal habits. I shall try to do better tomorrow. But 30 minutes are better than 5, or none at all!

I enjoyed getting so much done early in the day, while still having time to hang around reading and watching series. Hopefully, I will remember this, and repeat it on other weekends.

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