A very restful day.

It started out with me taking Curious Dog on his morning walk. A jogger greeted us with “Happy Easter” and the sun was shining. We walked up the hill and over the bridge at the top. At the edge of the village up there, we met two women with other dogs, and they played with CD a bit – even running into a horse paddock. One of the horses ambled over for a look, but the dogs had already run on. Then we left the others and walked back down to town through the woods. Very pleasant with the new green showing, the breeze, and the singing birds.

My partner was using the time at home baking a cake for coffee and trying out a new desert for lunch. He’s got a sweet tooth, he does. Both turned out delicious.

We had white wine and mushroom risotto for lunch (before the desert). It was good, though the glass of white wine knocked me out a bit. I’m not sure if this is real, or something that I believe will happen to me and then does. I was sleepy even though I took CD for his lunch walk to wake me up. We walked around the near-by fish pond. A family were out there fishing and a pale (but rapidly turning red) couple were lying on the bank, sunning themselves. This was the first time I’ve seen someone fishing there.

In the afternoon, we watched an episode of The Bridge, and then a few more at night. We had the cake for afternoon coffee. It was sweet and fruity, made with lots of blueberries and a bit of cashew cream on top. Lovely.

I also spent a lot of time reading, including in bed at night.

My meditation time was not calm at all. I had a million wandering thoughts and basically spend the entire 45 minutes trying kindly to return to the breath. Maybe a contrast to the calm day?

Very sad to hear about all the violence in the world in the news on TV at night. Easter somehow made it sadder than usual, because Easter should be all about peace.

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