Last Day of Easter

I stayed up late reading The Overstory. It’s about the huge biodiversity being wiped out by logging the forests of the world, focused on those in the US. It also shows the lives of a handful of people and their reaction to the ecological destruction. The lives of the characters form a kind of web, and the forest too, are enormous living webs that humans don’t understand but still destroy. It’s depressing. The world will revive, it has eons. But what will happen to humankind — nothing good in the short run and who knows what in the long. It’s amazing that humankind can be at once so creative and so destructive, blind and unfeeling toward nature and other beings.

Today we had home-made pizza for lunch, with salad. Easy and quick and always tasty. This Easter weekend has seen a lot of different, delicious meals, pumpkin soup, mushroom risotto, pizza, cake and desert. It’s amazing what three people can put away. No wonder I have to go grocery shopping every second day (not quite, but almost).

Well, back to work tomorrow. At least it’ll be two days of training, that’s bound to be more fun than normal office work. I’m looking forward to it. Also, a short week, only three days, instead of my usual four. And there’s another public holiday coming up next week, the first of May. Another short week! In Spring and early Summer there’s lots of public holidays in Germany and then there’s a long dry spell until the public holidays in Autumn. Summer is also really busy at the office, despite Summer vacation time.

I dug out some dandelions in my yard — I like the flowers, but I don’t want them to increase too much. It stops being funny when the entire lawn turns into a dandelion carpet. Also, I cut some of the longer grass bushels with a pair of scissors. I’ll have to think about getting a small pushmower soon. I want to plant some insect-friendly bushes and flowers. I wonder if there’s anything that grows in the shade next to or under the rhododendron hedge. I’ll have to look it up.

Curious Dog is getting curiouser and curiouser in a weird way. Sometimes he just refuses to go where we want to go. This afternoon he didn’t want to go along a field with me, for I don’t know what reason. I had to drag him and entice him with some treats. Last time we went walking there, we heard a few loud bangs, like toy guns or something. He doesn’t like bangs, and then pulled to go home, which we did. Maybe remembered that.

Anyway, when I overcome his reluctance with a bit of dragging (and treats, although treats don’t help that much), he perks up again afterwards and continues on like always. But it’s a pain. He also does it very often when we meet other dogs, even if they are far away. He wants to wait and play with them. But, of course, not all dogs want to play with him, and sometimes I don’t have time. He lies down, sticks his claws out and tries to grow roots. And then I almost end up pulling his harness over his head. And it’s not as though we don’t let him play with other dogs a lot, we do. He can be really stubborn.

I heard a cuckoo call three times as I was trying to drag Curious Dog along.

Meditation practice was again rather chaotic, with lots of wayward thoughts. Still, any sitting is better than no sitting and thoughts are what the mind does.

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