Mindfulness Training

The course on mindfulness today at work was fun. Most of it wasn’t new to me, but it was nice meeting lots of people also interested in mindfulness and hear about their experiences and expectations. There were all sorts of people from beginners to meditators who have been doing it for years. We learned a few tricks about being mindful for short moments at work (in addition to a formal meditation practice). Those are quite interesting – I may copy them out and stick them to my monitor at work, to remind me to do them every now and again.

The real habit to create, is, however, a regular meditation practice. That automatically carries over into daily life after some time. At least that’s my experience. Quite often, I spontaneously notice that my mind is not in the moment, but off ruminating or fantasizing. I’m hoping that these realizations will happen more often.

On my commute today, I saw a small herd of shaggy brown cattle on a hilly meadow. They weren’t there last week. It was early, and they were huddled in a corner, resting. And I also saw them on the way home. A tiny moment of joy.

Curious Dog and I heard the cuckoo call again on our evening walk, although I don’t know if CD pays attention to bird calls.

My meditation practice was good. I guess it’s always good; it doesn’t matter if one is distracted as long as one sticks with it with self-compassion and loving kindness. This is probably the best habit I’ve ever started, and I hope I never drop it.

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