Mindfulness & Weather

The second day of training was intense. We learned a lot about how to cultivate empathy and compassion and did exercises on how to apply this in our work life. We also looked into what motivates us and where we want to be in a few years. The last one was quite difficult for me. I’m more of a wait-and-see-what-comes-up and less of a planner, especially regarding work. I find that this attitude has served me well. I’m at a place professionally that suits me, and I’m open to new opportunities if they come up. And I’m pretty sure they will. My job is subject to continuous change and something always comes up. So, I’m not worried about my work life (it might be different if I were aiming for some kind of leadership career, but I’m not interested in that, I prefer staying on the expert, non-management track).

Anyway, as I already mentioned in yesterday’s post, the real benefit from this training will come from keeping up the meditation habit. I’m optimistic about that; as I’ve already been meditating for a couple of years and am seeing that it’s good for me, I’m unlikely to stop. Also, for me meditation has a spiritual aspect that fills a need for me.

I took Curious Dog for his walk later than usual today, because it was still hot outside when I got home at around 5:30 p.m. and so we had dinner first: Spinach with tofu and mashed potatoes, very good. Then I took CD on the usual week-day track through the fields and back through town. Well, all the time we were walking, dark clouds were coming up from the West and suddenly, it turned windy, with strong gusts just like at the beginning of a thunderstorm. CD didn’t like that at all, and dragged me quickly all the way back home, just stopping to greet one of his dog friends. The wind whipped up lose stuff, mostly blossom petal from all the flowering trees and a lot of dust. It got in my eyes and between my teeth. It’s very worrying that rain in summer is so often accompanied by storms in recent years. And they always seem to rise up so suddenly. I’m also worried about the drought. There’s rain forecast for the weekend and I hope it rains a lot, and continues to rain frequently, so that we don’t have another horrid hot dry Summer as last year.

During meditation, I heard the wind blowing all around the house. The worst of the storm passed us by, and we only got a few drops of rain.

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