Movie Time

It was still cold and rainy, and so a perfect day for going to the movies.

We went to the earliest showing of Avengers: Endgame, at 11 a.m. We like going early, as it leaves the rest of the day for other things and we don’t like going to bed late (except on New Year’s Eve). Well, it was enjoyable and thrilling, had lots of good special effects, lots of emotions, and maybe just a tad too many battles. I’m going to get it for our collection when it comes out on disk or blue ray (depending what’s cheaper). Then we can check out all the things we missed. I don’t want to publish any spoilers, but I was sad about the death of some characters. Even super heroes don’t live forever, I guess.

We returned at around 2:30 p.m. and had tea and cake instead of lunch (we’d had some popcorn at the movies). Then I took Curious Dog for his afternoon walk.

We watched Sweet Bean on TV at night. This is a very good Japanese film about an old lady who wants to work at a dorayaki shop. This is a shop selling a kind of pancake with bean paste. It’s a very nice story about friendship and finding joy in adverse circumstances (the old lady has been kept apart from society for most of her life because she had leprosy, and the other characters also had to face difficulties). It was a quietly beautiful film (especially in contrast to the blockbuster Endgame).

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