Strangely Lovely Day

It’s surreal. A beautiful spring day, people enjoying their yards, with shrieking children, barking dogs, singing birds and lawnmowers being heard all afternoon through my open skylight. While elsewhere the Corona virus is wreaking havoc (and who knows, it’s probably active around here too).


We stayed at home all day, except for walks with the dog. We had breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea (lovely piece of homemade vegan cake) and soon we’ll have dinner. It still feels a little like a holiday. It’s surreal.

We’re out of bread, tomorrow I’ll have to go out shopping. Or maybe we’ll cook something instead and only go out once on Friday morning to shop for the weekend. Trying to shop as little as possible seems best.

My heart goes out to all the people whose livelihood is threatened. All the small business owners, freelancers of various kinds, people working in restaurants or catering and so on and so forth. I hope the government will be generous with help, and not just loans that have to be repaid. Lots of small businesses or self-employed people will have trouble paying back loans.

I’m very grateful to all the people keeping the country running, especially medical personnel and people working in the grocery shops, community services and everybody else who still needs to go to work and can’t self-isolate.

I work for a large corporation, but I still wonder how this will affect us down the road. Stock quotes have dropped quite a bit, and I’m sure the quarterly results for this quarter and the next won’t be too rosy. During the last global crisis in 2009 nobody was let go and I hope that it won’t happen this time around, either. I’m not too worried yet, but the times they are interesting (negatively, if that needs saying).

According to data from Johns Hopkins, Germany is now in fifth place regarding the number of confirmed infections, just behind Spain. The big car manufacturers, VW and BMW are shutting down production for a few weeks, which of course also affects all their suppliers — a big deal in Germany.

Hope that the situation improves as soon as possible, everywhere. Hope that the wholesale suspension of public life will show good results.

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