Bramble Patch


Oh Thursday! Last workday for the week for me. Had boring long task to do today that the colleagues I coordinate ought to do themselves but most of them don’t, so I have to do it. Took me the whole morning. Last time I listened to some YouTube videos (the kind you don’t need to watch) but this time I forgot it. Well, I wrapped that stupid task up and some other things as well and now it’s the weekend coming along.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a grocery run early in the morning when nobody much will be shopping (I hope). I need to make a list so that I don’t forget half the things I need. I don’t want to do unnecessary shopping trips during this Corona situation.

It’s still nice and sunny (has been since Monday), almost 20°C today, so I did a load of washing and hung it up in our small yard in the afternoon (not much sun there in the morning, as it has a north-west exposure.

We finished up the delicious cake from yesterday and my partner has already baked the next one. He’s very into baking since he discovered YouTube baking channels. I’m too impatient and don’t like baking that much, except for Christmas cookies.

In the afternoon, I took Curious Dog for his walk as usual. We went along the wood’s edge where I haven’t been walking much, as it’s muddy when it’s wet. But now it’s been dry for a week, so the mud has more or less dried out. Patted the noses of a couple of ponies (or small horses?) that live in a paddock near the edge of the wood. Took a photo of some new blackberry shoots. My raspberry bramble is also getting new leaves, but it’s not so far along, because it doesn’t get that much sun in my yard. I planted it last year in spring and it was quite small. But it did grow about 5 raspberries, so hopefully it’ll do better now that it’s bigger. Maybe it’ll be a prickly pest in a few years!

Today it’s so warm that people are having barbecues in their yards or on their patios. Some are even congregating in parks, my colleagues, who live in the cities around here told me. If this goes on, we’ll get a curfew. But it is supposed to get quite cold again on Saturday, with sub-zero temperatures at night. So maybe people will be more inclined to stay in their homes.

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