Sunny Days

Lovely sunny days again, but with a biting cold north-eastern wind (a little less biting today than it was yesterday). Walking with Curious Dog, the cold wind made my eyes water, but in sheltered places it gets quite warm. Quite a few people were out and about, but only in small groups of two or three and keeping a good few meters out of each other’s paths.

Life in home office is quite boring, nothing much going on. We had a short social call this morning within the team, which was nice. I haven’t been out shopping since last week Friday. This week I have to work on Friday morning due to a normal deadline task that needs to be done, so I’m taking tomorrow morning off instead. I want to check what the shopping situation is like in the middle of the week as opposed to the weekend. I’m hoping to find some toiled paper and yeast. First all the flour disappeared off the grocery shelves and now the yeast is gone, too. Ah well, we’ll have to bake with baking powder or soda instead. I do have some sour-dough starter in the fridge that I haven’t used in ages, maybe I could try baking a sour-dough bread again.

I’ve also heard that furnace oil is the new toilet paper around here in Germany. The oil price has dropped so much that everybody is buying oil, but the delivery is backed up until June. Luckily I got ours already a couple of weeks ago while we were in Bavaria. It wasn’t as cheap then as it is now, but it was a good deal cheaper than last time we bought it, so I’m still happy it’s done.

The higher echelons at my company, while acknowledging that the situation is unclear and they also can’t say how things will develop, seem to think that the company will get through the current crisis and emerge stronger beyond it. Not sure if this is wishful thinking, reassurance for the employees, or if it is based on a realistic assessment. We’ll see, no doubt. The company stock prices have risen today, but since they have been going up and down randomly for the last two weeks (mostly down), I’m not sure what to make of that.

I had a few calls with friends. One of them is pretty sure that her husband had Corona (and he’s a risk case, too), but he’s recovered. He hasn’t been tested yet, although he had all the symptoms. No capacity apparently. Another friend has to go to work and their co-workers aren’t interested in taking the required precautions at all. Apparently, they just make macabre jokes and think it won’t concern them. Wow, the stupidity. The friend planned to speak to her boss about it, but I haven’t heard what came of it.

Keep safe, world.

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