Living at Home


Still sunny, still windy and cold.

Nothing much is going on. The usual stuff in at work, which I’m still doing from home as is almost everyone at my company. We have our regular tasks. It’s just all a little more boring than usual, because of the sitting alone in my bedroom office corner instead of in an office with three or four kind colleagues. We skype and chat, so there’s that. Other people have it much worse. It’s odd that one is sitting around doing work more or less as usual, when other people are facing the crisis head on.

I last went grocery shopping yesterday and don’t think that I will need anything except bread before next week. The drugstore still didn’t have any toilet paper, but Aldi did. You were only allowed to buy one package, but that’s perfectly fine. The smallish organic supermarket in our town had a policy of only two customers in the shop at once, but I was the second person in the queue, so I didn’t have to wait too long. The other supermarket, Rewe, had no toilet paper but had stocked up again on dry yeast, so that was great. Everybody kept well away from everyone else, the new normal. I’ve read comments that in future we will be wearing face mask all the time in crowded places, as they do in Asia. That would be strange. Hardly anybody was wearing masks at the shops yesterday (I didn’t either). Maybe because they are in short supply. I did wear cotton gloves that my partner had ordered on Amazon. Paid everything with my bank card, except for the two loaves of bread I got at the bakery. Had to take the gloves off for that, it was too hard to fumble the coins and bills out of my purse with them on.

I’ve started reading Song of Solomon, my third Toni Morrison novel this year. I’ve read it before, but it’s been a long time and I’d forgotten how good it is. I guess I’ll write a short review when I’m done.

I’ve been doing long walks with Curious Dog in the afternoon. Since I’m up to date on all my work task, I have enough time for an hour’s walk, particularly since lunch is usually a quick affair. We have our main meal at dinner and partner does the cooking during the work week. On the weekend, we do it together, usually. Yesterday we had zucchini and mushrooms with pasta, today we are having baked potato wedges (homemade) with radicchio salat and tofu. Simple but delicious. I worked up an appetite on my hour’s long walk with Curious Dog in the biting wind.

Tonight, we’ll check the news on TV. The number of daily new Corona virus cases is still very high in Germany, but at least it seems to have reached a plateau (although it’s probably still too early to be sure). Hopefully the situation will get better after Easter. Small and medium businesses are hit very hard and our government has decided on a very large aid program for them, as well as for larger corporations. Also, a lot is being invested into the health sector. Hope it is enough to get us through this crisis and I hope that we, as a society, learn from it and maybe come up with some better ways of living. Do economies always have to increase, can’t and shouldn’t we build a circular kind of economy that is resource-efficient and better for the planet? Since we know without doubt that our current rapacious way of life isn’t sustainable for future generations. Questions worth pondering.

Keep safe, world.

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