Keeping Busy

I worked on Friday morning on a stupid mindless task which basically took until 2 p.m., meaning that I did a couple of hours overtime. I’m going to use that time to go grocery shopping this week. I was listening to YouTube videos while I was working, the sort that you don’t need to watch. That’s what made it bearable. I should ask my team if we can’t somehow find a way to automate the task, although I think I remember that something is already in the making. Can’t come soon enough for me.

I didn’t do anything much else on Friday, apart from walking with Curious Dog and a bit of meditation.


Saturday, I didn’t need to go shopping, as I’d already been on Wednesday. So, I went out early in the morning while partner was out walking Curious Dog. I met them on my way to the bakery to pick up some bread for the next days and of course CD refused to leave me at the bakery. Once I got our bread, we continued the walk through the town and along the banks of the small river that flows through our town. It was nice. I hadn’t actually walked on that side of the river before, as I usually take CD through the fields at the edge of town or through the woods.

When we got back home, I did an hour’s worth of meditation and then rolled up my sleeves and did a thorough cleaning of the ground floor of my house. I hoovered all the rugs (one in the hall and two in the living/dining room. Then I took them and the chairs out onto the patio and washed the floor in the very small guest toilet, the small hall and kitchen, and the large living room. I don’t usually do that this thoroughly. Usually I just hoover everything and wash the floor around the rugs. But sometimes one needs to be a bit more thorough. Afterwards, I was knackered. We also did two loads of washing, one white, one for coloured clothing. The new cotton gloves we bought for grocery shopping sure shrunk in the wash. They can still be worn, but if they shrink again in the next wash, they may end up being too small. We hung the washing up outside in the sunshine and almost all of it got dry. Good use of the still lovely weather. It got cold and overcast on Sunday.

After all that housework on Saturday, I did a quick clean of the bathrooms on Sunday, but since I’d done them the weekend before, it didn’t take long. Still, I’d meant to do the stairs and the upstairs hall (very small) but didn’t get around to it. I always have ambitious cleaning plans and never follow up on all of them. Too lazy. Cleaning house is such a never-ending job. I need to wash the windows, too. And tidy up the cellar. Ah, well eventually things will get done.

I spent about 2.5 hours meditating on Saturday, with sittings in the morning, early afternoon and at night and about 2 hours on Sunday. It was great. My meditation practice is a great help in these times, I’m sure I would be more anxious to no avail without it. It also helps to me regulate my mood in daily life. Not to get upset at stupid stuff. I’m more mellow at work and don’t get annoyed as easily as before. I try to be kinder. I don’t get into a foul mood when I do housework. I’m more aware of my reactions to situations and can sometimes manage to modulate by behaviour or my mood. Not always, not even most of the time, but definitively more often. It also helps me to stop procrastinating — again, not always, but there’s definitively an improvement. It took a while to develop, though. You really need regular practice. Just a couple of sittings every now and then won’t do it. But I have read somewhere that even just 5 minutes a day will be helpful. I started out with 15 minutes a day a couple of years ago and now I do 30 to 60 minutes on workdays and longer on the weekend when I have more time. Occasionally, I’ll just do 5 minutes a day, if I’m really busy or somehow don’t find the time, but that doesn’t happen often.

Also did some cooking and some watching of movies. Watched the last episode of Star Trek: Picard. Watched two episodes of The Mandalorian, as we got Disney+, a six months free offering along with my normal Telekom TV offering. Quite nice!

Now it’s Monday and the lovely spring weather has taken a downturn; still mostly sunny, but cold and rather windy. Really cold, with subzero temperatures at night. Some of the blooming magnolias turned a rather unbecoming brown colour. I hope fruit trees aren’t affected. Some are already starting to bloom but are hopefully not far enough along to be affected.

The downside to all the weekend activities was that I didn’t have time to read much and didn’t manage to finish Song of Solomon, although I’m almost done. Definitively won’t make my March reading goals, but maybe I can catch up over Easter. A very unimportant problem, considering the global situation, which is, sadly, not yet improving.

Keep safe, world.

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