Internet Outage!

Today, at around 10:30 a.m. my Internet connection failed. I noticed it straight away, of course, as my connection to the company network broke down. At 12:30 p.m. the Net was still down. Very annoying, as I didn’t have any work to do offline. Also, there was supposed to be a long team call in the afternoon, in which I couldn’t participate. Even more annoying. After lunch I did an hour of meditation (to calm down) and then, as the Net was still offline, I decided to go grocery shopping and got it done for the week. Better than sitting in my home office corner, anxiously waiting for the Internet to come up again. My smartphone network wasn’t any good either, I couldn’t Google the issue with it.

And the morning had started so well, work-wise. I’d had a couple of calls, done my usual quality-checks, clarified a few issues per mail and was just going to get started on updating a few of my document, due in a couple of weeks, when I was suddenly offline. Unfortunately, I can only update my documents online, not offline. And I didn’t have anything else to do offline.

Having this unexpected free time was quite unsettling. I found it hard to decide what to do. I thought about preparing my blog post about the books I read in March or the one I’m planning on Song of Solomon, which I finished last night. But I didn’t feel like it and I also didn’t feel like doing any tiding or other housework. It’s amazing how dependent one is on the Internet. Just the knowledge that I was offline made me nervous. Although, I guess it’s more the fact that I couldn’t dial in to work and that I meant to pay some bills that I’ve been procrastination on, which I couldn’t do either (obviously). That’s what one gets for procrastinating.

On my way back from shopping, I saw a fire engine driving through the streets, with someone blaring something through a megaphone. I couldn’t understand a word, but my Partner said it had something to do with the emergency phone lines also being out of commission. Wonder what happened? Was it just too much traffic on the Net, or was it some other defect?

In the end, it turned out that the Internet was unavailable until almost 6 p.m. I did use the afternoon to go grocery shopping, which was actually really cool, as hardly anybody was out and about. Apparently, Tuesday afternoon isn’t a popular time for a grocery run. I got all the things that I needed, but toilet paper was still missing, and yeast was again gone. No matter, I got those things last week. The rest of the afternoon I used to tidy up my office. Now I can spread out my elbows without pushing a heap of paper and other paraphernalia off the table. Maybe I’ll catch up on the time lost on Friday. Depends how far I get with my tasks the rest of the week.

Keep safe, world.

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