Work Measures

Corona virus measures at my company will be extended for an indefinite time as communicated by the upper echelons this week. They are working on plans how to allow a return to working at the office, but they told us that for the foreseeable future, things won’t be as they were before the start of the crisis. Those of us who have no problems with working from home, will continue for quite some time, apparently. This sounds vague, because it is vague. Plans haven’t yet been finalized, nor have they been communicated (naturally) except in vague term. I hope that we use the crisis to come to an improved way of working that is better for us and the planet (more flexibility for us, less travel to hurt the planet, for instance – sorry Lufthansa). Isn’t it ironic that our economic shutdown should be good for the climate? I fear, though, that we will shortsightedly focus on getting the economy up and running again, without much regard for the climate or the environment. Business as usual. Hope I will be proved wrong.

I don’t mind working from home as I’m used to it. Colleagues with kids are probably keener to return to the office, as are some of my single colleagues, who miss socializing with people in person. If there’s a call for it, I shall certainly volunteer to remain at home. Not only do I enjoy it, but I’ve got my mother to think about. I don’t want to expose her to the virus. This is the hour of the introvert. I’m quite happy with my family, Curious Dog, and occasional social calls via Skype or Teams (haven’t used Zoom yet, it’s not supported by my company. I think it raises a lot of security concerns). I’m just sad that this home office situation which suits me is caused by such an awful crisis. Perhaps, if I were stuck at home without my family, I might not be so sanguine but then I always liked living alone when I was in college and I don’t mind the distance relationship Partner and I have had for years. I’m used to solitude and like it. The fact that nowadays my Mum is always around even when Partner isn’t took some getting used to.

On another note, while out grocery shopping this week, I noticed more people wearing masks. Not very many, but a few. No doubt in a few weeks everyone will be wearing them when out in public places or on public transport. Seems a good idea and easy to implement. Lots of instructions for sewing masks online. Mum, having been a tailor, is creating her own pattern that’s a bit more sophisticated than some of the online ones.

My supermarket of choice was well stocked this week, except for no toilet paper and no flour again (that was yesterday). Today I took an extra trip to a drugstore, where I did find toilet paper. On the way back I dropped in once more to the supermarket, where they did have flour again. Picked up a couple of packages so that we can do some baking on the weekend. I also picked up some Singhalese takeout from a small shop near the supermarket. The first time in years. We usually do all home cooking except when we are on vacation and even then, we mostly cook ourselves. Too expensive otherwise. But now we wanted to support this small local business. It was very spicy, very tasty. Mango and potato curry and a lentil vegetable curry. Maybe we’ll do this now and again in future. It wasn’t too expensive but still a lot more expensive than home cooking.

On Tuesday, I had my new washing machine delivered. It’s working well and the delivery guys also took away the old broken one. I gave them a tip for delivering in time of Corona. Although I would have given them a tip anyway. I’m sure one’s not paid very well for delivering heavy appliances and they did have to lug it down our steep cellar stairs (and the other one up). So now we’ve got a working washer again – very happy about that.

Keep safe, world.


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