Weekend Miscellanea

The weekend was again quiet and sunny. Although the sunny part is getting a little old. The fields around here are getting quite dry and it’s even worse in the eastern parts of Germany. Apparently, it rained only 3% of the normally expected rainfall for April. It almost looks as though it’s gearing up for the third year in a row with too little rain. The woods are already suffering and so are the farmers in some parts. I do hope it rains soon. A few years ago, we had floods, now we’ve been having a dry spell. The weather is worrying.


I did the usual things on the weekend. Walked with Curious Dog in the afternoon. He’s already feeling the heat, usually lies down to rest in the shade at least once on our walk. Soon I’ll have to postpone our afternoon walks into the early evening.

Also did some meditation, some housecleaning, some cooking. We tried out a new dish with dried tomatoes (somewhat over the best-before date), some walnuts, and mushrooms with polenta. It was supposed to be an appetizer, but we had it as the main meal, with a salad made of a thinly sliced fennel bulb with some left-over chiccory. It was a success. That was on Friday. On Saturday we had a veggie soup and on Sunday we had whole-wheat pasta with pesto, tofu, and another salad. Altogether not much work but tasty.

I also meditated and read. Since I was mostly caught up with my reading goals, I did a quick read of Mr. Godley Phantom, by Mal Peet. It’s a short novel that combines aspects of a ghost story and a police procedural. It was very original and enjoyable. Makes me want to look up some of Mal Peet’s other novels.

We also watched the next episode of The Mandalorean, and two episodes of the new Amazon Prime series Tales from the Loop (a kind of science fiction series). Also, some more episodes of Doc Martin. All very enjoyable. We should watch Doc Martin again from the beginning when we are done with this season, it’s so much fun. So hilarious, so much heart. We also watched Cloud Atlas and Contagion. The latter was eerie, almost presaging the situation we are in now.

Partner stayed the weekend although he had planned to spend it at his place in North Rhine-Westphalia which was lovely, but then he told me that he needed to go there already today, which kind made me a bit down. I lay awake part of last night and had a lot of anxious thoughts about him catching the virus down there, all by himself. Not very likely, as he isn’t going out except to go grocery shopping and there are fewer cases up north than there are down here in the south. Still, the more one learns about the Corona virus, the more worrying it gets.

Mum and I will be driving to Bavaria on Thursday. I’m taking a few days of next week so we can fix up the garden (unless it rains – if it rains, I’m canceling my days off).

What we also did was plan and book our vacation in October. A week on the Baltic. We’ve booked a small vacation flat that can be cancelled until three months before the vacation starts. Hopefully, the Corona situation will allow us to take the vacation in October (currently, all tourists have been thrown out of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania owing to the virus). We’ve never been this organized before – usually we do last minute bookings, but this year we feared that more people would want to do a vacation in Germany even in the off-time October, so we booked early and really quite cheaply. The flat can house four people, so if my nieces want to come, they can. Vacationing at the seaside in autumn is great. You can take your dog everywhere on the beach (which is not allowed in the summer season) and the weather is usually quite good, too. Even if it rains or storms on a one or two days, it doesn’t usually last the entire week. Anyway, that’s something to look forward to.

Keep safe, world.

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