Aubergine Experiment

End of my work week today, phew! It was a boring week workwise. No looming deadlines, just a lot of tedious stuff and unreliable software tool that exacerbates the boring tasks.

Yesterday was my weekly shopping trip, so I’m all done with that as well, except that I went shopping in my lunch break and one of the shops I frequent (the organic produce and specialty shop) is never open during lunch (small town syndrome). I’ll probably pop over tomorrow just before lunch, when hopefully there won’t be any queues. They do have some stuff that I really need, like soy yoghurt and tempeh. And their produce is very good, though pretty expensive (I just buy produce there that I don’t get in the other grocery stores I frequent).

It’s been pretty cold at night (the ice saints, as I explained in Monday’s post), so I’ve temporarily stashed my few outside pot plants in the guest loo. Guess I’ll be taking them out again on Saturday. Next week looks like it will be a pleasant 20°C during the day and no more night frost until autumn, I should hope. Also, next Thursday is a public holiday, so that’s something to look forward to. Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day). Only three days of work!


This week Partner tried a recipe for a new vegan cheesecake. It turned out fabulous and was super easy to make. There are some great vegan cheesecake recipes on the Internet and in baking books, but often they require a lot of ingredients and are complicated and longwinded to put together. In this case, the “cheese” topping was easy. Just some cashews soaked and then pureed with some added maple syrup, lemon juice and grated lemon zest plus the same amount of cooked and pureed millet (same amount as the cashews). This was mixed and put on top of the cake bottom and just refrigerated for a few hours. Sounds strange (we had doubts), but it was great on the first day and even better the second. It didn’t last longer than two days! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo. But we’ll be making this cake again. The recipe is for keeps. And I’m sure it will be possible to combine the mixture with some other fruits to get some variety. It tasted better than the non-vegan cheesecake we bought at the local bakery a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend we also had a rhubarb cake which was very nice. I bought some more rhubarb this week and will be making a compote with it, to go with some simple sweet yeasty buns that I’m planning to make tomorrow. Partner’s gone to his place in North Rhine-Westphalia this weekend and so I have to do my own baking, if I want any home baked goods on the weekend. Not too fond of baking, so not going to make anything that’s complicated.

Today I cooked an aubergine curry. A bit of an experiment, but it turned out quite nice: one smallish aubergine (eggplant), cubed, and one small bell pepper, cut into thin strips, an onion, cubed, two medium cloves of garlic and a piece of fresh ginger all cut into tiny little cubes. Then all steamed in a bit of water, seasoned with curry, paprika, turmeric, and some ground coriander, with about a tablespoon of peanut butter added to make the sauce creamy. At the end, I added some chopped leftover chicory and some dried thyme and rosemary. Also, some soymilk and salt and pepper. Served over whole basmati rice. Turned out very nice and didn’t take terribly long.

I’m going to end the day with some meditation and some reading. Some TV and some petting of Curious Dog.

Keep safe, world!

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