Monday Miscellanea

My work computer has been sending me automatic reminders to change my password, so this morning after having logged on and read my emails, I virtuously tried to do it (instead of waiting until the last second). I was so inept, that I not only didn’t manage to do it, but also forgot my current password so that I was locked out. What a panic early on a Monday morning! I then tried to phone the help desk, but found that I had an out-dated number. So I tried a last-ditch attempt with the old password and luckily I got it right again. Otherwise I would have had to call a colleague and ask them to look up the help-desk number for me. Next time I need to change a password, I will wait until I’m properly woken up – or maybe not attempt it on a Monday! Don’t know what was up with me. I did manage it a bit later in the morning. It’s not hard…

The rest of Monday wasn’t much better. One meeting after another in the afternoon, most of them boring. And then on our afternoon walk, Curious Dog went and threw himself on top of some smelly poop, so I had to give him a wash (well, a wet wipe-down – at least it was pretty localized). What a pain! Only a bit stuck to his fur, but his harness and collar had to be cleaned too. I was rather annoyed and went straight back home with CD after this stupid stunt, but I took him out again after dinner. It was warm and pleasant, and we met one of his friends, a terrier bitch. They had a little romp in the fields. So that made up for the earlier aborted walk.

I did have a very nice weekend. Friday was my mother’s birthday. I baked some sweet yeast buns with a blueberry compote (which she asked for) and gave her a book, Empire of Grass (part of the series The Last King of Osten Ard by Tad William). The German edition just came out in March and the second volume will be out in June (it’s only one volume in English, but the German translation is usually longer). I gave her the first books of the series for Christmas a couple of years ago. She liked The Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series (so did I) and this series is a continuation. For dinner, I made a cream of potato soup, which she also requested. It was all very nice. Partner also gave her a book. Mum is a reader; it runs in the family Though my Dad was even more of one, as was my grandmother on my Dad’s side.

Saturday morning, I took Curious Dog for his morning walk and afterwards went to the bakery to pick up some bread. In the afternoon, I pulled myself together and vacuumed the entire house. I’d meant to have done it already on Friday, but I procrastinated and did it on Saturday instead. What with cooking, baking, and taking Curious Dog for his three daily walks, I didn’t really feel like doing much housework. As I’d done a lot the weekend before, vacuuming was enough. I’ll do some more cleaning during the week (maybe) and on the coming long weekend (definitively). One sure thing, there’s always something to clean.

I did wash all of Curious Dog’s bedding and towels – always good to do that on sunny days, when everything dries fast.

I did a lot of reading. Short stories by Ali Smith, my current Dickens, Dombey & Son, of which I’ve read just slightly more than half. Some non-fiction. Some poetry (early morning reading in bed). I’ve read the first chapter of this month’s Toni Morrison, Beloved. Yep, it’s still one of my favourite novels ever.

Also did some meditation, but not as much as I’d meant to do. What with all the reading, there’s less time for meditating. I need to find a better balance. Meditation is too important for me, I shouldn’t let it lapse (well, I didn’t let it lapse, but I should give it more room in my days).

The rose bush in my yard is starting to bloom. Very nice yellow blossoms with some red blush or edging, and also a sweet perfume. Some aphids, though. Just a few that I removed by hand. But there’s another bush that’s teeming with them. Not sure why, it didn’t have any (that I remember) last year. I may just cut off the parts where they gather (mostly at the tips of some of the branches). That’s probably the easiest way to get rid of them without using chemicals or mucking about with soapy water.


We had a lot of Italian ice-cream as well on the weekend. Once on Mutti’s birthday and again on Sunday, when Partner returned. The ice van that parks basically in my driveway almost every day when it’s sunny at 5:30 pm is a real temptation. Still, we usually only buy some once or twice a week. Too expensive otherwise.

In parts of Germany, some people were demonstrating against the Corona virus measures. Lots of people claiming (against all evidence) that it’s no worse than a normal flu virus, or that it only gets the “weak and ill” (nasty and heartless opinion), or that it is a conspiracy to steal our freedom or our livelihood or whatever. All sorts of bullshit ideas. I think staying at home has some very odd effects on some people’s discernment. Or maybe they are just nitwits in general. I’m OK with people protesting the measures, but do they have to team up with conspiracy nuts and right-wing Nazis? If I found myself associating with such groups, I’d absent myself tout-de-suite from the demonstration. We do need a discussion about the measures and how they can be safely dialed back down, because the economy is obviously super important and people need their jobs, but does such a discussion need to include wacky conspiracy theories? Or does it need to imply the “the weak and the sick” can be left by the wayside? It’s disgusting how some people ignore other people’s health and life – they’d be yelling a different tune if they were “weak and ill” themselves. Not to mention that it’s total rubbish, as perfectly healthy young people also get it and die from it. It’s also hypocritical that this type of rhetoric comes from the far right, who are otherwise always blathering about Western culture and values. What values? Makes my blood boil.

Keep safe, world

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