Weekend Doings

Had a lovely long weekend involving a lot of cooking. We had two of the new recipes which we tried out recently, the savoy cabbage, mushroom, bell pepper with past dish and the lentil with pineapple garam marsala over brown basmati rice. We also had two of our favourites, home-made pizza and potato salad with tempeh. All very tasty. Last night I made a vegetable soup with cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, yellow lentils and the left-over bit of savoy cabbage. Good for a slightly cool day. It was a bit cold and rainy starting Saturday, I think. Before that, it was warm and muggy. We also had a lemon cake and an apple cake, both baked by Partner, with just a tiny bit of unskilled help provided by me.

We took Curious Dog for long walks in the morning, which was nice. Up the hill and twice down through the wood on the right, once down through the wood on the left (the longer one, with less shade, perfect for yesterday’s cool overcast weather). Curious Dog did a lot of barking at the neighbor’s new puppy, a mix of Appenzeller and Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Very cute, but CD is not yet a friend of his. Hopefully, they will get used to each other and get along. It would be rather annoying if they decide to hate each other as the neighbours’ yard is right up against ours, just separated by a low wall and a chain-link fence. At the moment, CD tends to growl or bark every time the puppy is out in the yard. In addition, a big white Spitz-type dog (or maybe it’s a large Husky) was visiting yesterday afternoon – a big affront for CD, who doesn’t like that dog at all.

Today I’m quite sleepy, despite the restful long weekend, because Curious Dog had diarrhea in the night and needed to go out three times between 3:00 a.m and 4:30 a.m. and I didn’t really get back to sleep afterwards. Good thing this has only happened about twice in his life. Last time was at the old flat when we didn’t have a yard and I had to take him for a short walk in the middle of the night. But he seems okay again. Had his food and his walk as normal and I gave him a tablet against parasites, which he’s supposed to have once a quarter, but which we only give him if it seems necessary (usually about three times a year).

We watched the director’s cut of Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, which we had seen at the cinema when it came out. The director’s cut was better, although I had forgotten how violent it was. The siege of Jerusalem reminded us of the siege of Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings. It was fun debating the historical accuracy (not very accurate). On Disney+ we watched Thor: Ragnarok, which was a strange mix of serious scenes and slapstick elements, but I liked it. I generally enjoy films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I also did a lot of reading: finished Dombey and Son, read some poetry, some of Beloved and a lot of The Priory of the Orange Tree (in fact, almost finished it). Also a lot of short stories – finished all the available collections of Ali Smith’s short stories. They were marvelous! Next I’m going to start reading Flannery O’Connor’s short stories. I saw a recommendation for them somewhere and think they sound good. I’m doing well on my reading goals for May.

I also did the usual cleaning, without getting annoyed about it. A benefit of mindfulness. Shopping only took a few minutes, as I only had to pick up some bread at the bakers’ and a couple of things at the supermarket that I’d forgotten on my weekly grocery haul. Did that on Friday morning, early around 8:30 a.m. when the shops were still empty. Going shopping on Tuesdays or Wednesdays is a really good idea. It leaves the weekend for other household chores and still leaves plenty of time for pleasant things. I’ll be keeping it up, I think, in future, when Corona is done (though who knows when that will be).


Lots of things in Germany are opening back up, but there’s also new outbreaks, centered on restaurants or churches or meat-processing plants. We don’t go to restaurants much in normal times, so we certainly shan’t be going now. We’re not churchgoers, either. I’m also not going to the office and will stay with once a week shopping trips. Currently debating about a visit to the hairdresser’s. I’m not convinced that it is a good idea. But then, it only takes about 45 minutes. Maybe I should just call and ask them what they are doing to manage the infection risk. We’ll be going to Bavaria again at the end of this week, for our usual week at our house. If we are going to get an appointment (Mum needs one too), I’ll have to set it up tomorrow. Who knows, maybe they are already booked out.

I also need an appointment for tyre changes (winter to summer) and a service appointment for the car. I always procrastinate on these things, but I really should do it this week, so that I can get the tyre change when we return from Bavaria. I could then pick up some things from the office, although that’s not urgent.

I also have to pay some bills that I’d meant to have done on the weekend, but that I also kept postponing. Paperwork is such a pain for me. I need to apply some mindfulness to it and see if I can change my habits around it. It’s not really that bad, in fact, the procrastination makes it worse.

Work today was fairly tiring, what with not having slept well last night and a lot of fairly boring meeting, and a taxing one involving a lot of notetaking at the end of my working day. I much prefer having those types of meeting earlier in the day.

My rosebush is in full bloom at the moment. Such a pity that it only lasts a few weeks and one of those we’ll miss, since we will be away next week. Though this rosebush does get a some additional roses later in the year, too. The roses in Bavaria will probably not be blooming yet. Hopefully, we won’t miss their bloom, since it’s quite lovely. The garden is larger and so are the rose bushes. We’ve got some all throughout the garden, one in an arch against the side of the house, another larger one in front of our balcony (took ages last autumn cutting them back) as well as random other ones. Mum wants to plant some other flowering plants to nourish bees and other insects. Maybe we can take a trip to a garden centre. Mum has also planted a few sunflower seed in pots that are just coming up here on my patio. Hope they will survive our being away and not dry out. We’ll have to think of something.

Keep safe, world.

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