Meetings and More Meeting

This work week has been full of meetings (well, online calls). The normal recurring meetings, new meetings for a new project, and lots of one-off information meetings. Very taxing. I usually end up doing other things (like answering emails or analyzing error messages in my area) while listening in on meetings that don’t concern me much. So at least they are not a total waste of time, but I still find them tiring. At least the meeting flood is done for this week. Tomorrow is only one short meeting in the morning. I’ve got the afternoon off, as Mum, Curious Dog and I will be driving to Bavaria after lunch. To make up for the afternoon off, I’ll be working on Friday morning instead and, since I never usually work on Fridays, there’s no meeting then either. I’ll hopefully have time to get ahead on a tedious task that I’ve been procrastinating on. And I need to do some work planning for the next couple of months.


And then we have another long weekend, Whitsun, with a public holiday next Monday. Looking forward to doing a lot of reading, as I haven’t had much time for it this week. Even at night in bed, currently I find myself getting sleepy after a few pages. I haven’t got ahead with Beloved, because I have it as a hardback, not on Kindle, so I don’t read it at night, as keeping the light on when Partner’s trying to sleep is inconsiderate (he says it doesn’t bother him, but I don’t have a good feeling about it). I need to get a really small book light that doesn’t light up the entire room like my bedside lamp does.

I’ve found some old hairpins that I’ve never used (not sure what I got them for) and I’ve put them to use to pin back my fringe. I’ve decided not to get a haircutting appointment and instead take another stab at growing my hair long again. I used to have quite long hair until a few semesters into University, but it’s been cut short for years now. I can’t stand long hair getting in the way all the time, so I always used to have it up in a ponytail or a bun, so eventually I got tired of it and had it chopped off. I tried growing it out again in 2005 but gave up when the intermediate stage was too awful. Let’s see how long I will keep it up this time. Mutti is thinking of having me cut her hair, at least at the back. I’m not too keen, but I guess I’ll have to try it. Partner will probably try to get an appointment for a haircut.

Today, during my lunch break, I cleaned the skylight in my bedroom. I haven’t cleaned it once since we moved in almost two years ago and it really needed a clean. The glass itself was no problem, but the frame around it was gruesome. A lot of gunk that was hard to get out of corners. I did it fairly roughly (not enough time for a deep clean) and should do it again, but I won’t do that before autumn. It has an outside sunshade that’s always down and is quite dusty and dirty too, but I didn’t do anything with that. No time and very awkward to clean. Maybe I should take a brush to it, but the dirt will fly everywhere. If I hadn’t put down an old shower curtain to protect the carpet in the room today, it would have been dire. I hate wall-to-wall carpets, although I’ve got used to this one. Wish the floor was tiles or wood or laminate as the rest of the floors are. Much nicer and more hygienic. Ah well, this isn’t likely to change soon, so I’ll have to lump it.

It’s nice and warm today. My app says 22°C, but it feels hotter in the sun. My weather app also says, that temperatures won’t reach 30°C in the next 14 days. Hope that’s true. The longer it stays below 30°C the better. I really don’t like the heat, and it’s hard to sleep when it gets hot at night in our attic bedroom. At the moment, it’s perfect and I’m sleeping really well.

Took Curious Dog on his afternoon walk quite late today, after dinner at around 6:30 p.m. It will probably get even later when it’s really hot, as there isn’t much shade around. The woods are quite far, and the fields only have a few shady spots, but around 8 p.m. the sun drops below a hill and then the shadow falls on the fields and the walk is pleasant.

Keep safe, world.

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