At the Other Home

We’re back in Bavaria, Mutti and I. The drive was uneventful, no traffic jams on the Autobahn but still the same fairly long, but scenic diversion as last time. Judging from the state of the roadworks, it will stay with us for some time, probably until the end of summer. Partner also arrived at his place safely.

Our yard is partly overgrown with lots of lovely red corn poppies. The roses are not yet in bloom, although the rosebushes do have a lot of buds. It looks like they won’t be opening next week, so we’ll probably end up missing seeing them in full bloom which is a pity. It’s cooler here than at my place and so the plants are not as far along.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mum wants to stay here by herself when I return to Baden-Württemberg. Not sure if that would be a good idea.

We equipped our newly sprouted plants on my patio, and some of the other ones as well with glass spheres filled with water. These spheres have a spout to fill them up with water. The spout is then set into the earth and the water is supposed to seep out to keep the plants watered. Not sure if it will work, but I hope it does, as otherwise I think our small sunflower sprouts might not survive our week away.

When I set out with Curious Dog this morning on our walk, at 8:00 a.m. it was still quite cool. But if I had worn a jacket, I’m sure I’d have been too hot. It was a nice walk through the wood. We had already been in the woods yesterday afternoon, but that wasn’t very relaxing, as CD was hyped up after the trip and pulled on the leash like a champion. This morning we also met the neighbours’ new dog – a sand-coloured adolescent bitch who seems very nice and is slightly smaller and a lot skinnier that CD. Curious Dog was a bit too boisterous with her, but I’m sure they will be friends. Luckily they didn’t get a male dog. She’s from a shelter, which my next dog (not for many years, I hope) will also be. It will be interesting to see if she will get any bigger. She’s a mix and one can’t say how big she will end up as. Her paws seem to indicate that a bit more growth is possible, but as she’s already eight months old, it probably won’t be much more. This morning she was a little shy with CD, but we met her again when we returned from our after-lunch outing and they were quite friendly with each other.

On our walk this morning, we found that one of the field by the side of the bike path has a planting of real poppies (big purple ones, not the small wild red ones one sees everywhere on the boarders of the field and that we have in our garden). I wonder if they are intended for harvesting poppy seeds or if it is just a field of flowers. That farmer has lately started growing unusually crops like pumpkins for pumpkin seeds and oil (which is unusual for this area), so maybe they are branching out with other creative crops. Interesting! I do like me a delicious poppy-seed cake.


I worked this morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to make up for yesterday’s half day off. Did some planning — mostly looking up and noting down in my calendar the deadlines until October and found that all my documents have due dates for updates in October and the deadline for one lot of new documents is also in October. That’s a bit of a pain, as I’m on vacation in October. Our trip to the German Baltic coast is also planned for October (if Corona doesn’t derail the plans). Oops. I’ll have to prepare everything ahead of time.

After the midday walk with CD, I went grocery shopping. First to the village shop and then to the supermarket in the next town. Went better than I thought it would, considering it’s Friday. Probably it’ll be worse tomorrow. I got a piece of apple and poppy seed cake for our afternoon coffee break (the poppy field put me up to it). Also, a chocolate muffin. Mum and I shared both. The cake was lovely, the muffin so-so. Then I did a bit of reading – Flannery O’Connor short stories (some very strange characters in those stories) and then it was time for another dog walk in the woods. The woods are again fairly dry, but there was still some water in one of the deep puddles, so better than last time. The leaves that were silky and bright green last time are now stiff and a darker green. I might cut back some of the greenery on my path into the woods, as it has become, like every year, rather overgrown. Brushing through too much undergrowth lead to having ticks and ticks can transfer nasty infections. I have already collected at least ten ticks off Curious Dog after each walk and I’ve removed a couple that had already attached themselves to him, poor guy. But he’s very good about having them removed. He always gets a treat after each tick removal and my tick removing tool is very effective. Last year I had about three tick myself and also removed them with the same tool. I hate those beasties.

During the night, somebody raced through our narrow road with their car and clipped a temporary road barrier, a little beyond our house. Mum heard it. A neighbour heard it too (I didn’t), but nobody knows who it was (so far). The speed limit on our road is 30 km/h because it’s so narrow – only one car fits, so one car has to back up if two meet head on in a narrow part. At night, and even sometimes during the day, some stupid idiots like to speed through. We always joke about sticking out an arm or something from our entry (a stairway between two sheer walls) to give them a fright, but we’ve never actually done it. If they swerved, they’d end up in the small orchard opposite our house. So, quite a bit of Schadenfreude was felt by the neighbourhood, as the speedster from last night must have dented their car.

Keep safe, world!

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