Monday Miscellanea

As I’ve been struggling a bit with being productive at work and not bored out of my skull (although only part of my work is boring), I’ve made a list of three tasks that I absolutely had to do today and did them. That gave me a feeling of accomplishment which in turn was motivating. I’ve already come up with a list for tomorrow and will continue create these lists. I actually ended up doing more than what was on my list which was great.

I also decided to actively pay attention in most of my meeting and not do things on the side, because trying to pay attention to more than one thing at once doesn’t work for me. Usually I get absorbed in the thing done during the meeting and I end up having only a vague idea of what the meeting was about. Now this is somewhat ok for some meetings, but most of the time it’s a bad idea.

As a consequence of these two changes, I felt much better about work today and feel reasonably sure that this will continue. Summer at my job is characterized by lots of people being away on vacation while still a lot of work needs to be done for deadlines in autumn. I like to stay at work during summer and take my vacation after the deadlines. This year, my October vacation falls right into the middle of some deadlines and therefore it’s crucial that I stay on top of things so that I can get them done in good time by September. I’m committed to this and I want to do it without a lot of groaning about being demotivated. A little bit of grumbling and groaning can be cathartic sometimes, but I need to put the lid on it for now. I’ve never actually not met my deadlines, but sometimes too much internal complaining was involved, which mostly only serves to make tasks more painful than they really need to be.

We are back at my place, returned from my Mum’s place in Bavaria. The trip yesterday was very good, hardly any traffic although a good deal of rain during the first half of the drive. It was raining nonstop even in the morning when I took Curious Dog on his walk. We got very wet, which wasn’t bad because I like summer (or spring) rain and it wasn’t freezing. The only slighty annoyance was having to pack up our wet gear.

Last night, we watched another Tatort – I think it was the last one before the summer hiatus. The Tatort is a German crime series that features film-length stories of different (usually pairs) of police detectives who solve various sorts of crimes in different German cities. It runs on Sunday evenings after the news. Yesterday’s Tatort called Lass den Mond am Himmel stehn (“Leave the Moon Shining in the Sky”, as per my unofficial translation) showed the detectives Batic and Leitmayr who are the Munich Tatort team. It was pretty good. Chilling, with an unusual murderer, dysfunctional families, and an unsettling ending (no spoilers, so no more details).

The plants on my patio have all survived our week away, as it wasn’t very hot and rained a lot during our week away. The glass water bubble things weren’t needed and also don’t seem to work, because the one plant that was underneath the roof and didn’t get rained on was dry and the water hadn’t been dispersed. Maybe the water can’t run out because air doesn’t get into the glass bubble. I’ll have to experiment a bit.

Yesterday Curious Dog touched noses with the neighbours’ cheeky puppy through the fence links. And today they met while out walking, so I’m hoping they’ll become friends or at least tolerate each other. It’s amazing to see how much a puppy grows in a week, he’s markedly bigger than he was before our stay in Bavaria. At first, he was interested in CD, but also a bit scared, so he barked at him. But eventually, they touched noses and CD didn’t growl at the puppy. Very cute.

Keep safe, world.


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