Light Summer Rain

It started raining early in the morning, with the rain softly drumming on the skylight in our bedroom. It’s always really gemütlich (comfy) hearing the rain while snoozing in bed. Also, it wasn’t I but rather my Partner who had to take Curious Dog for his morning walk. Always a plus when it’s raining – that’s a joke when it’s soft summer rain. I wouldn’t have minded getting wet and neither did Partner much mind. I had two early calls at work, so I couldn’t offer to go instead. One of them was mostly a social call and could have been postponed, but it was a lovely chat with a colleague about what we did on the weekend and the books we are reading and other such non-work topics. Basically, a coffee-corner chat done via Skype. Nice start to the workday.

After that, though, I had a serious call, where I actually had a point on the agenda to discuss with the participants. It went well and was well received as it was about some upcoming improvements to a software tool we use daily. The rest of the day I did some of my recurring quality checks and wrote emails to about 20 people asking them to repair errors or check some documents. It took a bit of time and effort to find these errors, but it’s nice to be able to hand the repairs off to the responsible colleagues. I’ll be doing more of those kinds of tasks, as a deadline is approaching.

Otherwise, I went to the post office, to post a birthday present to one of my young cousins (first cousin once removed) on her 25th birthday. Very efficient, only due to the badgering of my Partner, as I otherwise tend to send birthday presents too late to arrive on the actual birthday (sometimes very much too late, except when my cousins were still children – nowadays they don’t mind). It was still raining, and the mask fogged up my glasses. This happens quite often, even when it’s not raining, and is annoying (but not enough to leave it off).

I also went shopping, but only picked up a bit of produce as we are again leaving for Bavaria on Thursday and consequently don’t need much until then. I’m planning to paint the kitchen in my parental dwelling and Mum wants to clear out the cabinet in the living room and get rid of it. It’s quite a large wooden thing, quite solid, but quite out of fashion. Mum never liked it, but my parents got it cheaply at a house sale, years ago. I guess I can take off the doors and remove the drawers and shelves and take it to the municipal collection point in pieces. Sounds like a lot of work. We’ll see what we will actually get done. The cabinet is quite big and made up out of different elements and maybe I’ll keep part of it for my bedroom – I’ve already got one part of it and quite like it when it’s not so large that it covers an entire wall as it does in the living room. Although I’ll need some help to lug it up the stairs.

I downloaded the German Corona Warning app that was launched today. It’s supposed to help track contacts with infected people. It adheres to very stringent data protection and privacy laws, so I’m fine about installing it. Next time I’m shopping, I will turn it on. If it turns out that I have contact with someone who’s infected, I can get tested. It’s all voluntary and it will be interesting to see how widely it will be used and if it will do any good in the fight against Corona.

After dinner I hung up a load of washing on my fold-away laundry rack and for almost the first time today, the sun came out. I moved the rack outside to the patio to catch the last rays of the sun, before it disappeared behind the hills. I’ll move it back inside before I go to bed tonight. It won’t be dry, but at least aired. Most of it will dry overnight in the living room.

That was my day, not very exciting, but good.

Keep safe, world.


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