Last Week

Last Wednesday was a wet day, with a mild thunderstorm early in the afternoon and another one late in the afternoon. I had a headache all day that didn’t yield to two aspirins, one in the morning and one late in the afternoon. Must have been the change in atmospheric pressure, or something. It rained quite a bit, with the rain drumming on my skylight. Kind of cozy. Thankfully, the thunderstorm and rain didn’t turn into a real downpour (although there was a bit of hail) and the big puddle in my small yard had disappeared again by nightfall (which is pretty late at this point of the year, around 10:00 p.m.). Curious Dog didn’t like the thunder, poor guy. He hid beside Partner’s desk. The next morning, we had to coax him out of the house for his morning walk, but I’m not sure if he was still upset because of the storm, or if he already sensed that we were leaving that day.

On Thursday, Partner drove to his place in North Rhine-Westphalia and Mum, I, and CD drove to our place in Bavaria. The traffic was fine. Lots of lorries on the Autobahn, but not that many cars. There were two diversions because of roadworks on the country roads. One has already been in place for our last few trips, the one through the Ostalbkreis (a county). Very scenic, hilly, and woodsy, but quite a long way out of our way. The other one was because of roadworks in a village that lead to a detour through the Nordlinger Ries – a large flat area where eons ago a meteor flattened everything. Both detours were well known to us, as we’ve had to take them at various times. Still, there wasn’t much traffic in the countryside, so the trip didn’t take much longer than usual.

Apparently, it rained a lot since our last week in Bavaria and our garden is very green and overgrown. All the grass verges that I cut by hand last time have regrown. I’ll have to cut them again this week. It rained a lot on Friday and Saturday, so I couldn’t get it done last week. Can’t mow the lawn on Sundays, of course (too loud). But it was anyway still too wet on Sunday, so I’ll be doing the lawn later this week, when it’s supposed to be sunny and hot. Today it hasn’t been raining, but it’s still fairly damp. From tomorrow on it’s supposed to get warmer, with no cloud cover, perfect for lawn mowing. We’ve been lucky regarding the weather this year – only one or two days 30°C and above. Great for people like me who hate the heat. June is almost done, then it’s only July and August with potentially long hot days. September is usually not so hot anymore (and, even if it is, the days are no longer so long).


I meant to have painted the kitchen this weekend, but I forgot to bring a paint roller from my place, and we don’t have one here. I didn’t want to buy a new one, and anyway, it was cool and wet. Probably better to do it next time, when it will hopefully be warm and dry outside, so that the paint can dry quickly. Not that I really wanted to do it, anyway. There are better things to do on a weekend than applying a lot of masking tape and mucking about with paint. I also need to paint the hall at my place (very small, but with four doors, so lots of masking tape to apply). I want to use latex paint so that we can wash the walls when Curious Dog gets them dirty (which he does all the time, when it’s wet and muddy outside). On the other hand, latex paint is difficult to remove and not that easy to paint over with normal paint. Since it’s a rented house, maybe I shouldn’t use it after all. I’ll have to do some research.

Well, since I didn’t paint and it was raining a lot, I didn’t do much on the weekend other than read. I did our grocery shopping on Friday and then only went for walks with Curious Dog in between showers and otherwise spent the rest of the time reading. I finished this month’s installment of War and Peace, and I read the book for my book club. I also finished Flannery O’Connor’s short stories (didn’t much enjoy them) and started reading Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey short stories (I thought I’d read most of them before, but actually most of them were new to me – an unexpected treat. I also read Toni Morrison’s Jazz on Sunday (will write a review, but first I need to write the one for Beloved). So now there’s still a few days left in June and I’m already all done with my planned reads. I’ve started a new fat novel, Anthony Trollope’s Can You Forgive Her? Seems really good. I’m also reading Sanderson Brandon’s The Way of Kings as a read-along on Booktube. The latter has to be done by end of July and has more than 1000 pages. I’m on a roll.

Not much time for reading today, as Curious Dog and I are going to his dog school. The first time since the Corona lockdown. It’s outside, so not much danger of getting infected. Hope he doesn’t pick up millions of ticks. On our first walk after we arrived here in Bavaria, he picked up lots of them, and about six latched on. Very annoying. I’m now spraying his harness with a lavender and lemon spray that’s supposed to discourage the ticks. It has reduced them, but dog school will be a stress test. The dogs usually romp through a lot of old leaves and that’s perfect for picking up ticks. I don’t like using the usual tick repellents, because they contain nerve toxins and they didn’t agree with our previous dogs. I’ve not been using anything, but this year the ticks are so bad that I just had to try out at least a non-toxic repellent. I’m only spraying it on the harness, because I’m not sure if the scent is good for him to lick off his fur. But the harness spray is working somewhat, and the ticks are reduced to just a one or two a day that latch on (and get removed).

Keep safe, world.

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