This and That

My Deutscher Wetterdienst app (German Weatherservices) tells me that today we have an uncommonly high UV-radiation over much of Germany. Very odd. Hereabouts it only just 24°C with a mild breeze. Quite pleasant in fact. Wouldn’t have guessed it. The warning is from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. so I’ll be taking Curious Dog for his afternoon walk later than 5 p.m.

Yesterday’s dog school was fun; Curious Dog was middling well behaved, neither a total disaster nor a super overachiever. He did everything well, except stay (bleib in German). He knows bleib of course, but the Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch was just so interesting, that he couldn’t possibly stay but had to go play with her instead. There were only four other dogs apart from CD and while they did do some romping, they didn’t do it in the drifts of old leaves and so he didn’t pick up many ticks. I think I found just one or three afterwards, and they hadn’t latched on yet.

This morning I took CD on our usual walk through the woods and back along the bike path in the valley. The poppy field that was in light purple bloom last time has now turned into a field of mostly poppy pods with just a few blooms left. The same has happened to the poppies in our garden. I’m going to collect some of the seeds when they are ready and try to sow them in my yard at my place, too. The roses in the garden are lovely, but some of them got a bit damaged by last week’s rain. Tonight, I’m going to mow the lawn, unless I succumb to laziness and procrastination. But I’ll try not too, as I don’t want to have to do it in the last few days before we leave again on the weekend.


I had a couple of calls at work this morning and did some quality checks and then had to mail some colleagues to ask them to fix some errors. The usual. We’re also coordinating a test of some updated document types that’s going well. No problems found so far, which is nice (for a change). At 11 a.m. I made an hour’s break and went grocery shopping. At the shop in the village I found that I’d forgotten to bring a mask along. What a pain. I had to return home to fetch it. I guess I’d better deposit one in the car in future. The village shop had a good selection of fruit, but no vegetables, as their cooling unit is broken. So, I had to drive to the next small town as well. Will have to work a bit longer tonight to fulfill my work hours.

I’ve been having computer problems lately. My notebook is otherwise working very well, but it refuses to apply the latest Windows update. I’ve contacted my company’s IT helpdesk and have had three calls already to find a solution, but so far it has been elusive. Today, the support colleague found some log files on my notebook that I had to attach to my error message, so that the next level support can have a look. Hope this gets resolved soon; it’s been dragging on for about three weeks. Hope I won’t need to get a new notebook. Although, if the issue persists, I may have to, to comply with security protocols. I though my notebook was only about two years old but found that it’s actually almost four years. This surprised me, as my notebook is still working very well, except for this stupid update problem.

After work, I phoned Partner (we phone every day and tell us how our days went). Even when nothing much has happened, it’s still nice to hear his voice. He’s in North Rhine-Westphalia, where a big Corona outbreak has occurred at a meat processing plant. Lockdown has had to be reinstated in the county (not where he lives, luckily). A nasty scandal about the working conditions at the plant – but it’s been known for years that the conditions at meat processing plants are awful. Maybe this time new laws can be put in place to give workers more rights and improve the working conditions. A lot of the workers are from Eastern European countries, as the wages and conditions are such that Germans don’t want to do that kind of work. I just hope it won’t just blow over with hardly any consequences.

Keep safe, world.

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