Unusual Wildlife Sightings

Today is another day with high UV radiation. But since I stay indoors doing home office all day except for a short lunch amble with Curious Dog, it’s not as issue for me. It’s not a problem when CD and I do our morning walk and it’s no longer a problem on the afternoon walk, as we are going out pretty late in summer anyway, as Curious Dog doesn’t like the heat (neither do I). This afternoon, I took him out to play ball in the yard and he gave up after three throws (same as yesterday, but the last time we stayed here when it was cooler, he ran after and fetched his ball at least 15 times). He really doesn’t care for exertion in the sun.

This morning our local newspaper showed a photo of a wolf who has been sighted twice in the county (or rather, captured on game cameras in the woods between my village and the county seat). Maybe he will establish a pack in the area, as apparently there’s enough game to support one. Interesting to think there’s a wolf roaming the woods. Sheep farmers in the area won’t be particularly pleased, although if a pack is established, they will get state support to get flock guardian dogs and/or electric fences. There are a few travelling sheep herd hereabouts as they keep the juniper grasslands from turning into woods. The grasslands are protected, because of their diverse insect population and because they are an iconic landscape around here.

Mum is getting on quite well with clearing out the living room cabinet. I’m going to get some cardboard boxes on Friday, so that we can box up some of the stuff, either to keep or to donate or get rid of entirely. I don’t think we’ll get the cabinet dismantled this week, but maybe during our July Bavarian week. Maybe I’ll get around to sort through my old books from younger years. There’s a lot of books that I’m sure I won’t want to read again, old paperbacks that are falling apart and could go for paper recycling as I’m sure nobody else will want them either. Especially now that there are no flea markets where one might try to get rid of them.

I mowed the lawn yesterday evening (it only took 20 minutes, as it is small and about a third of it is overgrown with poppies, which I didn’t mow down). I almost procrastinated with it but heard on the Tagesschau (German TV news) that there may be thunderstorms in the evenings for the rest of the week. That would have put a damper on the mowing, so I pulled myself together and did it last night. It was pleasantly mild outside, I really rather enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll overcome my evening laziness again tonight and clean the window in my office. It could really do with a clean and I don’t want to leave all the cleaning for the weekend. Or I could scrub the floor of the balcony. That really needs a good scrub, too. Oh, what wonderful choices!

Work was uneventful today. The highlights of the day were the walks with Curious Dog in the woods, where it was nice and cool. No wolf sightings by us! I haven’t heard any news about my work notebook issue. Tomorrow I shall be busy doing mindless quality stuff that will take a few hours, but then tomorrow is already the end of the working week for me, so here’s to looking forward to the weekend – a lot of cleaning and packing and driving back to my place in Baden-Württemberg and consequently not as much reading time as I’d like.

Keep safe, world.


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