Monday Miscellanea

Back from Bavaria. The trip was pretty uneventful. We got off to an early start (early for us) at 10:45 a.m. yesterday. We did a quick detour to the family grave to check on the plant, which wasn’t looking too good. Leaves looking slightly wonky and only one bud, but hopefully it’ll improve. We’ll have another look in three weeks when we return. The country roads were empty, but we still had the two detours, one of which was rather long. But it seems that the roadworks are progressing, as I could see that the road surface behind the barrier where we had to detour has been tarred which wasn’t the case the last time we drove past. So maybe next time this detour will be history.

Last Thursday, I had a tiring day of doing clicking on stuff and checking things from 9:00 in the morning till 3:30 in the afternoon (with a lunch break in between). The tool was slow and got slower over time and at last, I had an Internet outage for half an hour. The whole thing made me numb and tired and I didn’t feel like writing a post.

In the evening, we had a book club meeting online. The first one since the Corona thing started. It was nice, but not as nice as a meeting in person. We had read a book that nobody liked that much; it was a quick read and somewhat interesting, but nothing great. Most of the books we’ve read in the book club turn out to be so-so. Guess our tastes are too different. The best part of the book club is anyway the catchup gossip we do along with the book discussion. The next meeting is in August, but we’re not yet sure if it will be an in-person meeting or another online one.

Friday, I got up early, took Curious Dog for his walk – it was hot and muggy – and then drove to the county seat to go shopping. Got the usual groceries, mostly provisions for the next time we’ll be staying at the old home, but also some fresh produce for the weekend. Also got some of CD’s dog food, which I always buy at the pet food store in Bavaria, as it has a good selection. Then I went to the DIY-store and bought some cardboard boxes for storing the things from the living-room cabinet that Mum has been sorting and to get a sack of quick-drying plaster so that I can start to replaster the wall of the old garage, where the old plaster has dropped off. I started doing that last year, but didn’t manage to finish it, as it had to be done in small sections and I’m not much of a plasterer anyway. Hope I get it done this year. There was only a small sack available, 10 kg, when I wanted 25. Blast. Hopefully they’ll have more next time we’re in Bavaria. Or maybe I should try using a different kind of plaster. I tried researching this on YouTube but wasn’t very successful. It’s all a bit beyond me.

Late in the afternoon, I pulled myself together and cleaned the window in the office. Was a real difference afterwards. Probably hadn’t been cleaned for more than a year. I had meant to also do the one in my bedroom but postponed that to the next time we are in Bavaria.


In the evening, we had a mild thunderstorm, with a bit of wind and a nice lot of rain. Mum and I were sitting in the kitchen pulling our harvest of redcurrants off their little stems. A bit of a fiddly task. We got slightly more than 1 kg from one old bush. Pretty good. My harvest from my old bush (that I inherited from the previous tenant) was only about 600 g. Curious Dog was hiding under the table, with one of his rubber balls in his mouth. The ball seems to comfort him; he doesn’t like thunderstorms.

Saturday morning, I woke up early enough, but I dawdled reading in bed until it was almost 9 and then had to walk CD when it was again hot and muggy. Then I had to pick up some buns from the village shop and bring some gardening rubbish to the municipal collection point. And take some old clothes that Mum had discarded to that other collection point and by that time it was noon already, and I was hot and bothered. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, because it was too hot and muggy to move. Just as I was going to set out on Curious Dog’s afternoon walk, we had another thunderstorm. So instead I did a quick vacuum through most of the house. Since it kept threatening thunder in the distance for the rest of the evening, Curious Dog didn’t get his walk at all, just a bit of playing in the garden. As I’d been so lazy, I got in a lot more reading than anticipated, which was nice. But I should have got up earlier and done a bit more chores. Well, postponed to next time. Procrastination rules.

Sunday, I did manage to get up early and we actually got away on our trip back to my place before noon. Was nice to meet up with Partner again. We went for a walk with CD. It was warm and overcast and rained later that evening. This is turning into a bit of a rainy summer, but the groundwater is still lower than usual after two years of drought, so it’s all for the best (as long as the rain doesn’t spoil the harvest). Some of the potted plants on my patio looked quite awful on our return, as it doesn’t seem to have rained while we were away. But they have now revived a lot and I hope they’ll survive.

Today, Monday, was another busy day doing quality checks and reminding colleagues to fix their errors. The deadline is approaching and there are still quite a number of errors. I’m getting quite anxious, also annoyed, as I’m not seeing much progress. Hope I’ll see some tomorrow, otherwise it will be a real problem (though not mine). Otherwise I had four hours of meetings which I didn’t like at all. To many meetings make me bored and drowsy and then I’m no good for more challenging work.

In between meetings, I had a call from my internet provider offering an upgrade of my internet package. I agreed to it, because it’s not a great deal more expensive than the old package and it has a higher bandwidth. Should be useful for home office and for streaming TV. But once I had decided to go for it, I learnt that I would also need to upgrade my router. As that upped the price, it annoyed me. But having already decided, I stuck with it. I hope it all goes quickly and without any disruption of my service as I do need it to work from home.

Keep safe, world.

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