Pick of the Week

Thursday is the pick of the week for me, because it is the last day of my working week, since I don’t work on Fridays. It’s better than the weekend itself, because of the anticipation. One has a view of the weekend to come, full of potential. The weekend itself sometimes doesn’t live up to it’s potential. I usually have lots of plans and only manage to actually do some (or most) of them, mostly because I’m often too lazy to do some of the more elaborate plans. But then, there’s always the next weekend and sometimes it is nice to just let one’s soul dangle. Die Seele baumeln lassen – “letting one’s soul dangle” is a German expression for spending a leisurely time doing nothing. I’m a bit of an expert at it with the caveat that I sometimes get a guilty feeling, which kind of wrecks the experience. Usually I manage to keep my conscience quiet or I postpone my bad conscience until it is too late to do anything about it. It’s best, of course, to find a congenial balance between doing things and lazing around. As always, I will strive again to find this balance this weekend.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and found some cherries at the supermarket on sale. Hoping that they would be delicious, I bought two lots. A very good buy. We’ve already eaten the first lot and are on the second. I’m contemplating another trip to the supermarket to pick up some more. I absolutely adore cherries and these ones are very good.

Otherwise yesterday was an uneventful day, except that we tried a new dish at night. Well, Partner tried it and when he ran into problems, he enlisted my aid. Together, we managed it. It was grated zucchini and carrot patties fried in a non-stick pan. The first lot stayed limp and floppy and kept falling apart. The recipe wasn’t very detailed and through trial and error we found out that the patties needed more flour than Partner had initially added. Once we added more flour, the patties turned out very nicely. We had them with a cucumber-yoghurt dip and some sambal made with coconut flakes, tomato, and spring onions. I do believe, though, that the fried patties were a bit rich for dinner. They would have been easier on the digestion at lunch. I think they disrupted my sleep. I’m not really that fond of fried food, even when it is delicious, because I feel that fried stuff is unhealthy. The patties were a lot of work and took ages to fry, so I don’t think we’ll be having them often.


Today Partner has left for his place for the weekend which sometimes makes me feel a bit sad. I do like being by myself, but I have enough time by myself when I’m in Bavaria with Mum and Curious Dog. Although I’m never actually by myself since Mum is always with me. I kind of miss being completely alone, because I like being alone. Not that is it a hardship being with Mum. It’s just different and took some getting used to. I’m glad we have a good relationship. Partner, I strongly suspect, also likes being on his own. We are both very affectionate when we are reunited after an absence and I think, on the whole, it does our relationship good. We don’t get fed up with each other.

Yesterday, after all the tribulations I described in some of my last post, my new router arrived. It looks very sleek and modern compared to my old one. The technician is coming tomorrow afternoon to enable the higher speed internet. I have to clean my little entry hall where my router is located and also the stairs and stairwell in the cellar in the morning, so as not to be embarrassed by all the dog hair and other dirt that has accumulated during the week in the hall and for more than one week in the cellar. I don’t clean the cellar very often. I hope the activation of the new internet access will go without a hitch.

As Partner is away, I’m cooking tonight. I’m making pak choi with mushrooms and pasta. Haven’t made pak choi before, so I hope it turns out well. It looks quite similar to some sorts of Swiss chard. It’s not often available in my supermarket so when I saw it yesterday, I decided to try it out.

Work today was not very eventful. No meetings and nothing out of the ordinary. I did some work on my documents, but not as much as I had planned. Still, it’s a start and there’s still enough time left until the next deadline. I’ll continue next week with renewed enthusiasm, I guess. The support colleague will be back in the office next week and I hope we’ll manage to fix my notebook. It’s a pain that it keeps trying to install the missing update without success.

It was very loud in my home office today before lunch. Two houses down my street someone was demolishing a brick garage with a power shovel. I initially thought it was the road construction already advanced to our turn-off. It wasn’t too bad with the windows shut, but I like having my windows open in summer. If the coming roadworks will cause this amount of noise, it will be horrid, especially since they won’t be finished in one morning. But we had roadworks when we moved here and I don’t remember them being so bad, so maybe we’ll be spared.

Keep safe, world.

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