Long Weekend with Dear Guests

Had a lovely four days with my two young cousins who were visiting over the weekend. Curious Dog was very pleased, as he got a lot of attention and goodies to chew on ̶ he loves the Cousins. A good time was had by all.

I had last Thursday and this Monday off work, so I had an unusually long weekend (since I never work on Fridays). Cousin 1 and 2 arrived on Thursday early in the afternoon. In the morning, Partner and I took Curious Dog for his long morning walk and then bustled about getting the house ready. Partner vacuumed everything and baked a cake. Mum cleaned the tiny bathroom, I cleaned the main bathroom and the guest room (well, Partner’s office) and wiped the floors on the ground floor. Basically, got all the weekend cleaning done in one short morning. Should always do this!

Cousin 1 and 2 are sisters and both studying to become schoolteachers, Cousin 1 for disabled students and Cousin 2 for primary school kids. At the beginning of October, we’ll be taking a week off on the Baltic with them, Cousin 1 hadn’t seen our new house yet, so they borrowed their grandfather’s car and drove up for the weekend. Cousin 2 is my godchild. We’ve been taking the two them for vacations for years, ever since their mother tragically died of cancer in 2006. I’m super happy that they still like to come with us on holiday and to see us at home although they are both now in their early twenties, all grown up.

We had a lovely time. The weather was so-so, often overcast, sometimes raining, sometimes with a bit of sun, quite cool. So apart from taking Curious Dog for walks twice a day, we didn’t go out. We watched a lot of films: The Fall (very good) and then a string of zombie films, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later and World War Z. And yesterday, Hereafter (not bad). One afternoon, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We always watch a lot of films when we are together.

We did a lot of talking and catching up. Mum was also happy to see them, as she hadn’t seen them for a long while. She didn’t watch the films with us ̶ not that keen on zombies. We played a guessing game called “Black Stories”. The game involved cards with a very short story (very black humour) where one person knows everything and the others have to find out what it’s all about from one short sentence and a lot of yes/no questions. Very funny! We also read a lot. The Cousins have really got into reading and buy a lot of secondhand books online. I managed to finish Nicholas Nickleby.

As usual, we cooked and baked a lot. We had vegan spaghetti Bolognese on Thursday, mushroom risotto on Friday, cauliflower florets in a tomato and caper sauce with fried polenta on Saturday, home-made pizza on Sunday, and potato salad with tofu and tempeh yesterday. For coffee and cake we had yeast dough scones with a berry sauce; a lemon and poppy seed cake brought along by Cousin 1; plum cake with cashew cream, a vegan cheese cake and nut cake (on consecutive days ̶ since our cakes are usually not large, five people can polish one off every day).

Today, after the morning’s walk with Curious Dog, they packed their bags and left again. They’ve already arrived safely back home in Hessia (they life in the town where I was born). I had to start work again and was amazingly productive. I’d kept up with my emails (only a handful needed a reply) and did my usual quality checks in the morning, did my planning for the day (I’ve decided to plan my days better), booked an office room at work for tomorrow (the office isn’t generally open; due to Corona only a few people can go in on any one day), had a look at and completed some of the open tasks on my documents and generally was quite enthusiastic after my relaxing weekend. Will need to eat a little less for the next few days to make up for the over-abundant eating on the weekend.

Tomorrow I’m driving into the office, as my car needs to go to the garage for maintenance. Apparently less than twenty people will be on my office floor, it’ll be weird. I’ll pick up some stuff on the way back, mainly kibble for the dog, as I always get that from a shop near my old flat. The two 15 kg bags from my last trip are almost used up again.

Keep safe, world.

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