Food for Thought

Today, before I even got out of bed, I read a sci-fi short story by James Tiptree Jr. (alias Alice Bradley Sheldon) called “Beyond the Dead Reef” from 1983 collected in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: First Annual Collection (1984) edited by Gardner Dozois. It was rather thought-provoking, about a coral reef in Mexico destroyed by man-made pollution and over-fishing and how the sea fights back (no details, no spoilers, but it was kind of sci-fi horror, very memorable). It was written in 1983 and I’m sure the situation of our oceans and coral reefs is worse today, what with the rising water temperatures and rising levels of pollution, garbage and plastic. I find it so sad that we haven’t managed to turn around our irresponsible treatment of the planet in the almost 40 years that have passed since the 1980s. Wonder what our oceans will look like in another 40 years?

What I hate most about the destruction of our planet is that all the innocents are also affected: the future humans, all the animals, the people in countries that don’t contribute much to global warming and pollution. Last week we saw a documentary about how climate change is already affecting Germany and I can only say: just deserts! I hope we get a lot of reforms going in the next years ̶ but this week, the opening of a new Mercedes factory for petrol-guzzling luxury cars (not even electric) in Sindelfingen was all over the news. Exactly what we don’t need. It is so stupid.

I’ve read seven short stories in this sci-fi collection today and found all of them very good, except one, which I found a bit too confusing. There are 35 of these collections, all out on Kindle. I’m planning to read all of them eventually (it will take years, I guess).

Other than reading, I did some of the usual Friday chores: shopping and hanging up a couple of loads of washing. It’s quite hot today, up to 29°C, good for drying laundry outside. Shopping was a lot, mainly because my stores of bottled water, juice and oat-soy milk were low, because we used up most of them with last week’s guest. Five people do use up a lot more than three. So, I did one tour through the supermarket picking up all the beverages, took them out to the car and then did another tour to get the rest of the groceries. Enough fresh produce to last us over the weekend. I was too disorganized to buy more and didn’t really have a cooking plan for more than the next few days. Bought the first pumpkin of the season for soup as well as vegan Lebkuchen. The Lebkuchen is a Christmas cookie with spices and a dark chocolate glaze. Much too early, really, but already available in the supermarket. I kind of disapprove of having Christmas stuff already at the end of summer. However, they do taste best when they are fresh, so I couldn’t resist. We had them for our afternoon coffee break, and they were delicious.

We didn’t meet any other dogs on our morning walk with Curious Dog, but we were later than usual, because we usually get up a bit later on Fridays (and the rest of the weekend) and the other dogs had perhaps already returned home by the time we got to the usual haunts. Yesterday, when I took Curious Dog for his late afternoon walk, we only got to the edge of the village, when all of a sudden, he sat down and didn’t want to go on. It was overcast and humid and I think he mistook the noise of some aeroplanes passing overhead for thunder. I couldn’t persuade him to continue and, on the way back home he pulled like a draught horse the whole way. He doesn’t care for thunderstorms.

Keep safe, world.

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