Monday Miscellanea

Work has been fairly stressful during the last few workdays. Documents that had a deadline at the beginning of October had to be made ready by today, editing tools last week had problems or were unavailable, and, last but not least, there was an internet outage in my area that lasted from Thursday afternoon to Friday night. I don’t usually work on Fridays, but this Friday I wanted to finalize a couple of documents. I had to postpone that to Saturday, and so had to work on Saturday morning, something I don’t much care for. I could have gone into the office to work on Friday, but my manager was OK with me finishing my documents up on the weekend. Luckily such long outages don’t happen very often, although this was the second time this year.

So, Friday we had our morning walk with Curious Dog and then I went grocery shopping. I had to pick up a lot of stuff I’d run out of, and needed to go to a drug store, my normal supermarket and the organic one, where I picked up some groceries the normal supermarket doesn’t carry. Took me at least two hours, but when I got home, Partner had cleaned the bathroom. That was great, because that’s usually my job. The weather was rather cold and wet, so we spent part of the afternoon and evening watching some episodes of the final, fourth season of The Bridge, a TV series set in Sweden and Denmark around the Öresund Bridge which connects Malmö with Copenhagen. We watched the first three seasons earlier this year or last year, I can’t remember. It’s very Nordic noir, very good, showing a pair of detectives, one from Sweden and one from Denmark, who work together on rather horrific cases. One of the detectives, Saga Norén, has Asperger’s and is an altogether interesting character.

Saturday it rained all day. I got wet walking Curious Dog in the rain in the morning and in the evening as well. After the morning walk, I worked for a couple of hours, then surfed the internet, then had lunch. In the afternoon, we watched some more of The Bridge. At night, we finished the series, and stayed up late to do it. CD was not happy. He doesn’t like staying up late as he is very fond of his routines. We also tried out a new, complicated recipe for mushroom burgers which turned out very much not worth the effort. A waste of perfectly good mushrooms (well, we did eat the burgers, but mushrooms cooked as mushrooms would have been a lot tastier).

We slept in on Sunday and then went walking with Curious Dog. It seems that there are quite a number of bitches in heat, he keeps excitedly following trails on our walk and pulling like an ox. Though when we actually meet a bitch (even if she’s in heat), he’s not that interested. He appears to prefer the hunt. It had rained all night and the rain and wind had knocked down quite a few walnuts, which we gathered up on our walk. I dried them in the oven at low heat and brushed off the dirt. They need to lie for a bit to ripen or something. At the moment they don’t taste that great, but they’ll be good after some time. The rest of the day, I did some cleaning, a bit of reading and some surfing. We’ve also turned on the furnace, since it’s gotten rather cold. At night, we watched the usual Sunday evening Tatort (Crime Scene) on TV, episode “Rebland” (“Vine Country”). It was an interesting episode about the ethics of using DNA profiling for police work. A fairly quiet episode (no shootouts or other exciting action) but good.

I spent time on the weekend reading Toni Morrison’s Love. My September Morrison. Very good, as usual, but I’m not finished even though it’s a slight volume, because I wasted too much time surfing the internet (which I do regret) and watching films (which I don’t regret). The weekend passed quietly. It’s kind of weird without my Mum here. I call her every night to check that everything is fine, but the house feels empty without her.

Work on Monday was hectic, what with the publication of my documents, the hassle after last week’s tool unavailability issues. Also, the usual lot of Monday meetings with lots of things to discuss since nothing worked as it should’ve last week. At least our tools are now running again and will hopefully stay fixed for a while. The walk with Curious Dog in the morning was rather cold. It was only 4°C and very foggy. Autumn has definitively come. I wore a woolen hat and a scarf for the first time this fall. Am looking forward to our vacation. Only three more working days (but lots to do). Fortunately, at least one meeting has been cancelled, but at least three other extra ones have been scheduled, some of them quite long ones. Yuck.

Partner made a great vegan omelet-like pancake with a shredded carrot, mushroom and smoked tofu filling – delicious and the highlight of the day (apart from the walks with Curious Dog).

Keep safe, world

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