Monday Miscellanea

I had a mostly relaxed weekend after my stressful week at work. The weather wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. On our walk with Curious Dog on Sunday, we found some more walnuts that had fallen during the night, when it was windy and rainy. I thought that they were all already fallen, but obviously not.

Talking about walks with Curious Dog, he currently doesn’t want to go out in the Morning, ever since he gave himself that electric shock from the cattle fence last Monday. Somehow, he seems to think that it’s dangerous leaving the house in the morning. He has no problem with afternoons. I’ve always managed to get him to come out, but it’s not been easy. A lot of bribery and a bit of scolding. Once he’s outside, he walks as normal unless we want to go in the direction of the offensive fence (even if it is really far off, like a couple of kilometres). Then he sits himself down and refuses to go on. So, another round of enticements and scolding. Oh well, I guess sooner or later he will forget about it and act normal again. Then we’ll probably run into another problem. Poor guy, real bad luck with that stupid electric fence. But there’s no point in giving in to his hang-ups because mornings are the best times to go for walks, especially in summer. Anyway, once he’s outside, he does enjoy his walk.

We watched Little Women (2019) on Saturday but I didn’t like it as much as I had anticipated. The March girls were played by the same actors all throughout the film, while I remember from the book that they started out much younger. Also, while I don’t mind it normally when a film jumps forwards and backwards in time, in this film I found it slightly hard to follow (at least at first). Also, with all those jumps and the actors looking the same age all the time, it didn’t work well for me. Not a bad film, but not great in my opinion. I hoped for more, from what I’d heard about it. Maybe I’ll have a look at some other adaptations sometime.

I did a lot of reading on the weekend and not very much of the usual weekend chores. I went grocery shopping and hope that I can avoid having to go again before maybe Friday. Since Corona is worsening, it’s probably better to only shop once a week, also it’s probably unlikely that one gets infected while out shopping. All the shoppers wear masks and do distancing, and I’m only in the shop for a short time, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Still, I hate shopping and once a week is quite enough ̶ it’s only that I often forget things (even if I write a list, as I forget to put things on the list).

Otherwise I only washed the kitchen and hall floors (both very small) and cleaned the small bathroom. Also did three loads of washing, one colour, one white, and one of Curious Dog’s towels and dog bed covers. Dried it all during consecutive nights in the living room. Worked out very well.

I read The Mystery of Charles Dickens, by A.N. Wilson. It’s very interesting and explores how Dickens’ life experience influenced his works, and how he had a light and dark side to his personality. This is mirrored in his novels and other writings. I don’t agree with all the theories that Wilson proposes, but they are certainly thought-provoking and a lot of it rings true. Dickens comes across as a bit of a split personality and must have been quite difficult to live with. He could be extraordinarily kind and very cruel. Both the kindness and the cruelty can be seen in his characters. Afterwards I felt interested in the life of his long-time lover, Ellen Ternan, and so I read Claire Tomalin’s biography of her, The Invisible Woman. Also a very interesting read. Ellen Ternan grew up as a child actor in a family of actors or stage managers. As a young girl of 18 or thereabouts, she started a secret relationship with Dickens (or rather he started one with her) and after his death, she made an entirely new life for herself. The relationship was kept so quiet that it was almost forgotten entirely, especially as a few key people in Dickens life did all they could to keep the secret, including Dickens’ first biographer. Quite fascinating.

Partner and I tried out a new vegan burger recipe involving beans and green beans as the main ingredient. The taste was good but maybe they are not worth the effort. The consistency was a bit soft. He also baked some very nice cakes. First, last week, a sunken apple cake (easy, but yum), then a sweet yeasty loaf eaten with jam, jelley or honey, and lastly another and more complicated apple cake with an apple pudding topping with cashew cream on top. That’s a very nice cake, but I forgot to take a photo and we had the last pieces today for afternoon coffee.

The work week is shaping up into another stressful one. We’ve got two deadlines on Wednesday and some more coming up next week. But then, maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. On Mondays half my day is meetings, or rather calls. They always tire me out, either from talking about all the things that need to be done during the week, or through bore-out if I have to listen to a lot of rubbish that doesn’t concern me.

Keep safe, world.

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