Another Foggy Day

Today is the fifth day in a row without any sun. Just a lot of whitish fog that only lifted slightly during the day. Walking with Curious Dog in the woods was still pleasant. One could listen to the dripping of the water that condensed on the remaining leaves, pine needles, and branches of the trees. It wasn’t bad, I like the atmosphere, but it was a bit clammy and cold although it got slightly warmer today, at 6°C. Yesterday it was only 4°C. It looks like we might get some sun by Friday.

Today was again fairly uneventful. Curious Dog and I had lovely walks in the morning and late in the afternoon (it was already getting dark). I had a nice gossipy call with a work colleague who’s also a friend and a few less pleasant meetings. Boring as usual these days – I need to pull myself together and generate some enthusiasm. In between calls I did some quality checks and answered some emails. Not very exciting, but at least there’s only one workday left in my week, tomorrow. So basically (and thankfully), it’s almost the weekend for me. Oh the joy of not having to work on Fridays!

I manage at last to get through to my Mum’s physician to cancel that appointment. I tried on Monday and Tuesday and didn’t get through, but today, after 13 minutes spent listening to their awfully loud music while I was stuck waiting for a free slot, I managed to cancel the appointment in 60 seconds.

In the afternoon, a shepherd with a large herd of sheep and goats came along the valley. That was the most exciting thing that happened all day. These sheep come by once or twice a year. They and the goats are supposed to keep the slopes of the hills from becoming overgrown with bushes and trees. We have juniper grasslands on some of the slopes of the valley, with just grass and a few junipers. These grasslands are full of rare plants and insects, but they need to kept clear by the grazing sheep and goats.

I’m looking forward to doing some reading tonight. Still reading Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West and being bemused by some of her weird opinions. She likes Yugoslavia because it is a “world where men are still men and women still women” (Penguin, p. 207). But she also writes about the country’s history and landscape; about culture and art and the people’s way of life. It’s good.

And, when I’ve had enough of West, I go on with Oliver Twist, which is coming along nicely. It’s one of Dickens earlier novels and so far doesn’t seem to have such a convoluted plot as some of his later works.

I’m watching the antics of Trump in the U.S. with disgusted disbelief. When is he going to admit that he lost the election? He’s acting more like an authoritarian dictator than ever. The world (at least the democratic world) will be glad to see the back of him. I’m also still appalled that so many people voted for him, despite his racism, his nepotism, his corruption, and his complete failure to deal with Corona. Corona is still raging in Germany but not nearly as badly as in the U.S. as our politician are doing their best to mitigate the economic repercussions and to keep our health system from being overwhelmed. We do also have crackpot Corona-deniers but at least they don’t have much to say. The situation in the U.S. is really worrying; I hope Trump won’t use his last days in office to create even more havoc. Seems like a vain hope.

Keep safe, world.

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