Procrastinating Again

Last day of work for the week, what a relief. I had a good productive day and crossed off all the tasks on my to-do list. I even managed to do a complicated quality check that involved applying a script to a lot of documents. A colleague showed me how to do this yesterday and I thought I’d better try it before I forgot how it worked. Luckily, we had recorded the session in which they demonstrated what had to be done, otherwise I would already have forgotten what to do. It was a bit nerve-wracking but seems to have worked fine. I’ve now written down the steps that need to be done, so that next time I can do it without having to watch the recording.

While I was doing my time-recording for work, which I do once a week usually on Thursdays, it really struck me that there aren’t very many workdays left in this year. November is almost done and although I am working until the 23rd of December, that’s just 15 days (not counting Fridays, on which I don’t work). Three and a half weeks until Christmas! Time I panicked about presents. What on earth shall I get Mum and Partner and Cousin 1 and Cousin 2??? Usually it’s books and DVDs all the way. I’m not very good at presents, except occasionally. But maybe I’ll yet have a brainwave or two. Each year I fantasize that next year I will organize all my Christmas presents in Summer, but so far this has never yet happened. Unlikely to ever happen.

It was quite cold walking with Curious Dog today. Not freezing, but close. Just 2-3°C, but sunny and bright at least in the afternoon. It’s almost cold enough for me to dig up my woolen scarf. I’ve been wearing a woolen hat for weeks, because I easily get freezing ears and temples, but I’m still wearing a cotton scarf. I should also fetch my winter boots from the basement.

Partner’s gone up north for a couple of days, to do some last gardening since the weather is currently nice at his place. He had 9°C today. He’s either coming back on Saturday or Sunday. Tomorrow I need to do some grocery shopping and also get some ingredients for some more cookies. We’ve only got a handful of Lebkuchen left. I think tomorrow I’ll bake some ginger, nut, raisin, chocolate cookies. Like the Lebkuchen, the dough is spread on a backing sheet and cut into pieces after baking while still hot. Then half of the cookies get a chocolate, the other half a lemon glaze. The chocolate ones are decorated with almond slivers, the lemon ones with candied ginger. They are delicious. And maybe Mum will make another Stollen, as we’ve already scarfed the one we made two weeks ago. Partner will be back in time to enjoy the baked goodies and we will have something nice for the first Sunday in Advent.

I desperately need to do some cleaning. The place is looking very grungy, but I hope I still have time to do a good bit of reading, despite all the stuff I need to do. Tomorrow I also have to organize an official inspection for my car, as the certification is running out in December. Maybe I’ll schedule it for January, as I think one can be a couple of months late, but I will call the car repair shop tomorrow. There’s also a chip in my windshield that will probably have to be fixed before the inspection. What a pain. Maybe they won’t notice it? It’s off to the passenger side, not very noticeable. But who am I kidding, they will notice it. That’s a new windshield, as I think the chip is too deep to be glued (it’s a little crater). I’m fortunate in that the car is a company car and repairs are paid by the company. I should have organized the windshield repair or replacement weeks ago. That’s me, procrastinating again. I guess I’ll call the hotline tomorrow and find out what I should do.

Keep safe, world.

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