Monday Miscellanea

Last week we had a bit of snow. About 10 cm Tuesday morning. It was rather wet and only lasted for a day or two (except for some traces here and there) but we did get one or two nice walks with Curious Dog in the snow. The first morning started with traffic chaos. A lorry had slid across the road up on the hill and all the traffic was backed up though the town. Good thing I’m doing home office and didn’t need to drive anywhere. A very common occurrence at the beginning of winter.

The rest of the week was dark and cloudy, wet and muddy. Curious Dog’s undercarriage (that is, his paws, legs, and belly) is always wet and muddy. After each outing, we mess up one of his towels. Good thing I washed them all the week before last and fortunately we have quite a lot. Whenever any of our towels start becoming threadbare, they are relegated to dog-towel-dom until they fall to pieces completely.

I got on with my end of the year book list and finished Ready Player One and Two and Oliver Twist. As always seems to happen when I read one of Dickens’ novels, I like Oliver Twist a lot more than I’d anticipated. I will write a review. I also managed to get some Christmas presents for Cousins 1 and 2 and one for Partner. This is entirely due to Partner putting pressure on me, because he’d already got his presents for Cousins 1 and 2 and wants to post the package as soon as possible, probably tomorrow. I taped up some reused Amazon cardboard boxes last night. Our packages are always covered in reams of masking tape, because that’s the only tape I’ve got at home. And I’m always scared that something will fall out of the package if I go easy on the tape. The tape is left over from when we painted our rooms two years ago (and didn’t paint as much as we meant to). But after having taped up these two packages, the masking tape stock is now almost gone, and I will have to remember to get some proper tape soon (the paper, not the plastic kind). Anyway, this will be the soonest we’ve ever managed to send off our Christmas packages. Usually, I send them off a couple of days before Christmas and hope that they’ll make it, but Partner thinks that that wouldn’t work this year, what with Corona and all. He’s probably right, and it is nice to have this off my to-do list. Now I just have to find a present for Mum and something else for Partner.

So, the weekend was soggy and muddy. We stayed in as much as possible, except for walking with Curious Dog and grocery shopping. Corona isn’t looking good at all in Germany. I think the lockdown is going to be intensified almost everywhere. This week on Thursday Mum and I are off to Bavaria to spend Christmas at our house (and check on everything, as usual). Partner’s off to his place in North-Rhine Westphalia and we will meet up again here in Baden-Württemberg as usual on December 31. I did ask Partner if we shouldn’t spend Christmas here together this year, but he wasn’t enthusiastic. He likes to hole up by himself over Christmas. I’m fine with it, but this year I’m worried that there will be a travel ban within Germany if the Corona numbers don’t improve. If there’s a ban that would prevent us from returning on December 31, I guess we may return earlier. I don’t want to spend longer than normal without Partner. But we’ll see what happens. Kind of odd, my little family dispersing over Christmas, but that’s our tradition.

Yesterday we watched the second part of last week’s Tatort (Crime Scene) episode “In der Familie, Teil 2” (In the Familie, Part 2). It was set in Munich six months after the first episode. It was mostly centered around what happened to the daughter of the half-Italian family. She didn’t know that in the last episode her father murdered her mother because she snitched on him to the police. He didn’t want to murder her, but otherwise the mafia would have murdered his entire family. Well, they didn’t do well in Munich either and the mafia still had them in their sights, so things go south again. The daughter turns into an avenging angel trying to find out who killed her mother. This transformation wasn’t really all that believable, in my opinion. The acting was great, though. We also had the Dortmund police detective visiting his colleagues in Munich and being an asshole there (he’s always kind of an idiot). I quite liked the scene were the assistant of the two Munich detectives tells him off. We also see the stolen BvB coffee cup in one scene, as nice reminder of the first episode. All in all, not bad, but not great. Next week’s Tatort will be one set in Münster, which I’m looking forward to, as that’s usually a fun episode.

Today started off with a wet drizzle on our walk with Curious Dog. We met one of his dog friends, and they had a bit of a romp across the muddy fields. That was another dirty towel, but CD had fun. Work was as usual on Mondays, lots of meetings and nothing much else got done. One of my colleagues is waiting for the result of their teenager’s Corona test. I hope that it turns out negative. The colleague is also feeling a bit under the weather and all the team is hoping that it’s just a cold. A stupid cold, something one usually never thinks about twice, is now cause for alarm.

Partner’s trying out a new dish tonight for dinner. A pumpkin risotto where the pumpkin is roasted in the oven and afterward mashed with some broth. The risotto rice is cooked with some leek and when it’s done the pumpkin mash is added and it’s served with some pumpkin seeds. Hope it turns out well.

Keep safe, world.

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