Monday Miscellanea

I’ve been wanting to write a new blog post for a couple of weeks but could somehow not bring myself to actually do it. But it’s a new month and that has energized my – or maybe it’s because I finally tidied and cleaned my desk yesterday. I’d been to lazy to do it during my vacation when I had meant to have done it. That was dumb, because it only took an hour (including sorting a heap of paperwork) and I always work better with a clean desk. It wasn’t that terribly untidy, but it was enough to demotivate me. Note to self: tidy up your desk once a week or whenever it starts getting on your nerves again!

Since my last post, Mum, Curious Dog, and I have been to our place in Bavaria and now are back again. It was nice in Bavaria. When we arrived, a bit of old snow was left in shady patches (like in front of our garage), but the next days it started and kept snowing. Curious Dog and I had a lot of lovely walks in the snow. In some cases, we walked while the snow was falling. The downside was that I had to do a lot of snow shoveling, but I kind of like that too. At the end of our week, the weather turned, the temperature went up, and the snow turned to rain. All the snow melted on just one day, so that even our village brook, that only runs during very strong rainfall or snowmelt conditions was full of water for about 24 hours (then it ran dry again). I’m pretty sure that it hasn’t born water for two years, since we didn’t have enough rain in 2018 or 2019 and no snow (or only a dusting) in those winters. I hope all that water is soaking the ground and filling up the ground water reservoirs. Who knows how much rain we will get for the rest of the year? I’m not even feeling the need to complain about all the mud and CD going through one of his towels every day.

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We returned a day early from Bavaria, because the weather was uncertain, and Saturday seemed safer than Sunday (we wanted to avoid icy roads). We had a good trip. No lorries on the country roads and no traffic jams on the Autobahn. Quite windy (as it has been a few times in the last weeks), but not enough to be dangerous. It was lovely to have all Sunday to laze about but of course it meant having to finish up our house cleaning activities in Bavaria on Friday instead of Saturday. Partner and I watched the two new episodes on Amazon Prime of The Expanse. Very good – pity there’s only one more episode of the current series. We also watched two episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks, also amusing.

My aunt who had a hip replacement before Christmas has now been moved to a rehab centre for seniors. Her husband was allowed to visit her once in all these weeks since the initial operation, and the follow-on operations she had to have because of the complication of a torn ligament. She’s been in rehab for a week, but they don’t seem to be doing anything yet. My uncle is trying to find out what’s going on, but it is so hard getting updates from the doctors by phone. It’s such a pain that nobody is allowed to visit because of Corona. I don’t know for how long my aunt will have to stay in rehab, but I’m sure it will be at least until the end of February.

Corona numbers are improving in Germany. The current lockdown is showing some positive results, but it seems that it will be necessary to keep it up for some time yet to combat the spread of the more infectious variants. Vaccination is going slowly. There are not enough vaccine doses. Mum had a letter from the Bavarian authorities about booking an appointment, but I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet. But it’s on my to-do list. She has to be vaccinated in Bavaria, I guess, because she still has her main residence there. I hope I can get an appointment for her soon, but our neighbours in Bavaria haven’t had much luck with getting appointments yet.

Work is picking up. There are going to be quite a few changes in how often we will be publishing updated and new documents and it will be a challenge to get that organized. We’ve got a team workshop planned in a couple of weeks to discuss the changes and come up with a reasonable plan of operations. I hope I won’t get saddled with projects that I’m not interested in. The best thing would be to get rid of some tasks that already bore me, but as all my team members have enough on their plates, I don’t suppose that will happen. Still, it’s quite exciting to have some changes in our jobs.

I’m currently making an Excel list of my Kindle e-books. I want to get an overview of all the ones I own, with better sorting capabilities than on the Amazon website. I started buying Kindle e-books in October 2009 (as soon as the first Kindle was available in Germany – now I use the Kindle app on my tablet). I started this project sometime last year, but then forgot all about it. As I’ve made a goal to read more of the books I already own but haven’t read yet, I want to include e-books as well. I’ve added all the Kindle e-books from 2009 until the end of 2012 to my list so far (that’s almost 100 already) and I’ve already seen some that I haven’t read. Quite a lot of non-fiction among the unread ones…

As I know that I’ve got tons of unread books, physical and electronic ones, I was wondering if I should stop buying books. However, a few days ago I watched a BookTube video on the channel SavidgeReads. They’ve got about 15 years’ worth of unread physical books (counting 120 books per year) and consider it an investment in their reading future. I think I’ll consider my unread books in that light as well. I’ll try to make inroads on them, but I won’t stop myself from buying new ones if I really feel like it. Maybe I’ll apply the rule that I’m allowed to get a new book for every two books I’ve read from my existing unread pile. Then slowly but surely the unread pile would shrink. Let’s see how that goes.

Keep safe, world.

3 thoughts on “Monday Miscellanea

  1. I really like your TBR rule! Having too many unread books always stresses me out, which is why I personally plan on getting my TBR completely back to zero (I’m currently at 10 books, so it’s doable!) – I just can’t shift perspectives because I know fully well that if I don’t read the books immediately after I get them, it’s very likely I’ll never get to them 😅 Which seems like such a waste of money! But that rule of yours seems like a good compromise 😉

    And I really need to watch Star Trek: Lower Decks! My whole family are absolutely obsessed with anything Star Trek, so I suppose we’ll all have to watch it together once the semester ends and all my siblings and I are back home 🤗


    • Not sure that I’m going to stick with the rule. Probably not right now, because I want to read some new books but haven’t yet read any of my TBR. I never used to have a TBR before I started working. I’d read all my books straight away when I got them, but once I started work, I had more money for books but less time to read them. 😦

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