Spring Workday

Today started off as a lovely frosty and sunny day in Spring. I had my usual breakfast of porridge with raisins, apple pieces, banana pieces, roughly ground flaxseed with a pinch of cinnamon. No pomegranate seeds, as I’ve run out of those. I love pomegranate seeds and I quite like picking them out of the fruit; it’s meditative and I’m practiced at it and mostly don’t make a mess anymore. As usual, Curious Dog got his share of the fresh apple pieces and a bit of the plain left-over porridge, which he, for whatever reasons, absolutely loves. We took our usual morning walk through the woods, and it was quite lovely. Lots of purple “Leberblümchen” (English “liverleaf”) and violets are growing enthusiastically on the southern side of the hill behind our house, peeking out of the dry leaves.


When we got out of the woods and were walking along the bike path in the valley, I spied Curious Dog’s worst enemy in the distance. It’s a terrier, maybe a Jack Russell. They’ve hated each other since they first met, which was when CD was only about six months old. Whenever they meet, they both make a huge fuss, barking and pulling at the leash. Usually both the terrier’s owner and I try to avoid meetups. Last time they had turned back, so this time I did and took the way along the main road through the village instead. Usually CD is good about other dogs, but the fuss he makes with this one is amazing. It’s also kind of embarrassing, so I prefer taking another route.

I also had a very productive workday, although I didn’t work on the stuff I should have been working on. Well, “should have” is relative. I’ll do the other things next week. I had a look at my project that has an upcoming deadline a couple of days after Easter and wrote mails to lots of people to check their content and ensure that everything is correct. As I hadn’t looked at the project for a few weeks, there were quite a lot of issues. I planned all the quality steps that I need to do next week because all the checks have to be done before Easter as there’s no time afterwards and, who knows, the responsible colleagues may be on vacation. Next, I had a look at a colleague’s specific problem and decided on what to do about it. We’ve scheduled a meeting for Monday to implement the fix. The poor colleague was being sent from one person to another and no-one felt responsible. Coming up with that fix made me feel virtuous and accomplished although it wasn’t such a big deal. It’s nice to be able to help. A nice change from (figuratively) stomping on people’s toes for not doing their quality checks properly. I’m glad that today was my last workday for the week. I’ve got lots of stuff to do before Easter and I still need to come up with my meticulous new work plan, but first I’m going to enjoy the weekend.

We’ll be returning to my place on Sunday. Saturday is supposed to be rainy, a good day for staying indoors (apart from Curious Dog’s walks) and doing a bit of cleaning. During the night from Saturday to Sunday we’ll have the change to Summer time. One hour less of sleep – I guess it’ll be hard getting up next Monday morning.

Tomorrow I’ll be grocery shopping and hopefully setting up some appointments I’ve been meaning to do the whole week. I need to get the windscreen of my car looked at. It’s got two chipped places due to the impact of small stones thrown up by other vehicles. When that is fixed (or maybe the windscreen needs to be replaced), I’ve got to get the car’s new roadworthiness certificate. It will fail the inspection with the damaged windscreen (although the chipped places are small and not in my field of vision), so that has to be done first and I’ve been procrastinating.

I’ve had Curious Dog out in the yard for a few minutes with his muzzle, which I’m trying to get him to tolerate so that he can wear it on public transport if we ever need it. Baby steps – he doesn’t like it much. He got lots of treats as a reward and to make him consider the muzzle in a positive light. It might also come in useful at the vet’s if he ever has to undergo some unusual treatment. He doesn’t need a muzzle for his yearly vaccinations, but I always have to hold his head in a tight grip. I bet he wouldn’t let the vet look into his ears, for instance. So, it’s good to be prepared. I should have started muzzle training earlier, but it seems to be going quite well now.

Keep safe, world.

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