Monday Miscellanea

In Germany we’ve been following with horror the situation in the areas affected by last week’s floods it’s now not only in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, but also in Bavaria (near the Alps, which isn’t where I live when I’m in Bavaria). More than 150 people were killed and many more have lost their homes and livelihoods. Some villages still cannot be reached except by air, as roads and bridges have been swept away by the floods. It’s devastating. Thankfully my family isn’t affected, as nobody lives in the flooded areas in the western parts of Germany. Partner lives near one of the flooded areas and had a bit of flooding in his village but nothing that caused a great deal of damage. One of my aunts lives in a town that had a flooding river, but her part of the town only had a few inches of water so she’s safe and there wasn’t any damage except for a bit of water in the basement of her apartment building. That’s already cleared up. But of course, we are all thinking of the people who were not as fortunate. There have been floods in Germany before, even bad ones that caused a lot of damage, but so many deaths… very shocking.

Compared to that, my weekend has thankfully been mundane. Just the usual, grocery shopping, cleaning (well, not very much), packing up our things and returning to Baden-Württemberg after our week in Bavaria. We’ll be returning sooner than usual, in the first week of August, for practical reason to do with the appointment Partner and I have for our second Corona vaccination. During the first week of August Partner must be at his place, the other week I must be at my place – juggling three places of residence between us is sometimes a bit of a pain. Sooner or later we will need to consolidate, as I don’t think we want to continue this way of life forever. But that’s a project that’ll take some time (especially as Partner and I haven’t decided on where we want to end up living in future – we’re also not really working on a plan yet).


I did a lot of reading on the weekend (and didn’t have much time left for cleaning and other annoying tasks – story of my life). I finished The Other Bennet Sister by Janice Hadlow in two days. It was a great smooth flowing read (although Jane Austen would probably have managed the same story in half the pages). I’ve also started reading Claire Tomalin’s autobiography (and stayed up too late on two consecutive nights because of it). This means that I’m pretty sure to finish my Jane Austen July TBR this week – which is good, because my two cousins are coming for a visit on the last weekend in July. I will therefore have to do a proper cleanup of everything plus the guest room (that is, Partner’s office) next weekend and I can’t afford to spend all the weekend reading. We’re really looking forward to their visit. Curious Dog is also very fond of them, especially the younger one.

Yesterday we had a hot and dry day (for once, but the next rain is supposed to come on the weekend, though hopefully not as another deluge). On our way back to Baden-Württemberg we were stuck in a traffic jam for a hour – the were roadworks on the Autobahn and three lanes were diverted into just one. As it was quite hot, 30°C, I was worried about Curious Dog. There wasn’t much reason to worry, because the car has air conditioning and I always bring water along, but I still worried about the car breaking down and leaving us stranded in the heat. I’m a worst-case scenario worrier which I think I inherited from my Mum, who thinks she got it from her experience as a refugee at the end of WWII when she was six years old. I tend only to worry excessively about other people (or animals). If I had a breakdown on the Autobahn on a hot day by myself, I’d call a towing service… but with CD and Mum in the car, I worry about overheating. But it didn’t happen (phew!).

Sunday evening Partner and I watched the last two episodes of Loki – very good. They ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and there’s to be a second season. Looking forward to that. We still need to catch up on The Bad Batch and we haven’t yet watched the last episode of The Underground Railroad.

Work has been rather annoying again, with processes that should’ve taken about half an hour taking two (!) days instead. Our tools had developed another bug and the support experts were not available. So, very stressful (but I missed the second day as it was on Friday, when I don’t work). It would be a relief if things went smoothly for a change. Today wasn’t great either, as on Mondays there are too many meetings on my schedule. But at least tomorrow’s only meeting was cancelled, so I’m looking forward to a day of uninterrupted time where I can hopefully review a document that I should have reviewed earlier (but I’m still within my allotted time-frame, as I always make sure to have a large buffer which, however, is now gone).

It’s warm and sunny and I’ll take Curious Dog on his afternoon walk very late today to avoid the heat. The corn fields through which we walk have grown amazingly high, at least three metres. All that rain. It’s pleasant walking in their shade when the sun is low in the sky in the evening.

Keep safe, world.

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