Monday Miscellanea

On Friday, Partner and I started the day with a long walk with Curious Dog through the woods. It was sunny, but still early and therefore cool and pleasant. We met one of CD’s dog friends (a Doberman bitch – she’s very sweet and friendly). CD got muddy paws in a small trickle of water – earlier this week he played with a puppy and then took it upon himself to jump into a muddy ditch full of stagnant water. He was covered in mud up to his belly and we had to clean him up with a bucket of water afterwards. He looked a bit put out when he floundered in the mud, I guess he hadn’t expected it.

Afterwards I went on a shopping tour in the town on my commute, the first (except for grocery shopping) since the start of Corona. I went to get a new battery for Mum’s wristwatch and then I had to wait until it was put in, so I had time to kill. I meant to get some plain (or plainish) white t-shirts but couldn’t find any. Instead, I got a pair of rather nice cropped summer jeans and a blue paisley patterned shirt. I don’t much care for shopping for clothes, because I usually get fed up after trying on a couple garments that don’t fit. But a lot of my jeans are very old and falling apart, and the same goes for my summer t-shirts. I like wearing favourite clothing until it disintegrates, but it’s getting a little ridiculous. I’d love to just keep getting the same things again if only they were still available. I guess I’ll have to search online for some plain basic t-shirts.

I also got a book for Mum, a travel report (I’ve forgotten the title) where someone walked with a donkey from Munich to the Mediterranean. It sounded interesting. I also tried to find a book for Partner, as it’s his birthday soon. I couldn’t think of anything special, so I’m thinking that I’ll give him a selection of things. I found a DVD that I think he’ll like (Fisherman’s Friends), and a nice t-shirt, and I’m planning to get a book and a good bottle of wine. I also got a couple of other DVDs, a German comedy and the biopic Tolkien. Quite a shopping spree for me. I found that the main shopping road in town was quite sparsely populated and there weren’t a lot of people in the shops (but it was a workday).

After lunch I went grocery shopping and then was quite exhausted for the rest of the day. I did a bit of internet surfing and a bit of reading my current book, which is a biography of Samuel Johnson by Peter Martin (the guy who wrote Perth, the dog tale that I read in March). I wanted to read a modern biography of Johnson in addition to Boswell’s and got this one on Kindle earlier in the year.

About books I got earlier this year: I find that I have 10 Kindle books that I got this year that I haven’t read yet and 8 paper- or hardbacks (2 of those are poetry anthologies that I’ve started, the German one and the one with poetry by women from the 18th century). One’s a book about reading and one’s a selection of Adrienne Rich’s essays. And 5 are Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes novels (I need to get 2 more in order to complete the series). Plus 6 more Louise Erdrich novel that I wanted to read this year (but haven’t got yet). That’s 26 books. I’d better not get any others this year. Luckily at least 10 of those are crime novels, which are quick reads. It would be great to read all the books I got this year and not increase my backlog from previous years. Looking at my list of books read this year, I haven’t made much inroads on my backlog because most of the books I read, I got this year. Maybe I’ll come up with a plan for concentrating on unread books I already own next year. And only buy one new book at a time, so as not to enlarge my TBR. If I never have unread books from the current year, and keep reading unread books from previous years, naturally at some point I won’t have anymore unread books. That would be cool.

On Saturday, after the walk with CD, I spent reading until around noon when I did some cleaning. In the afternoon, we watched the latest episode of Bad Batch and then I decided to tackle our big bookcase in Partner’s office, which also doubles as a guest room. My two cousins are coming for a visit on next weekend, and the office was super dusty, especially the bookshelves. One of the cousins has asthma and both are allergic to dust mites, so a clean-up was in order. I thought it would go quickly, but I wanted to rearrange two thirds of the shelves, as we just dumped books on the shelves without sorting when we moved in. The sorting took much longer than I thought it would. I only managed half and had to had to finish the rest of the shelves on Sunday. Now it’s nice and clean and the books are properly sorted. I even managed to get rid of a few that I decided I’d never want to read again.


Partner and I watched a new Disney+ series for kids. It’s well-made and amusing: The Mysterious Benedict Society. It’s based on a series of books by Trenton Lee Stewart. I’ve never heard of them before, but now I’m tempted to read them – but then I’d really like to reread the Wolves Chronicles by Joan Aiken. I loved those books as a child (I actually can’t remember when I first read them but it must have been at around 12) and collected them later when I started working (as a child, I borrowed them from the public library). I think I’m missing one of the later ones – I dusted and sorted them all yesterday and noticed that I’m missing one. They are alternative history mixed with magical elements and the main hero is one Dido Twite (but some of the book have other main characters). I think they are the kind of books that you can love as a child and still enjoy as a grown up (at any age, really).

The weekend was nice, what with walking with CD, reading and watching Disney+ and the Tolkien movie (which was ok, but not great). Quite productive, too, with the cleaned and sorted bookshelf. It’s just a pity that the bookshelf took up too much time and I didn’t get round to cleaning up the rest of the house. Oh well, I’ll do it later in the week. Maybe I’ll take Thursday afternoon off (I’ve still got half a day’s holiday from that Friday on which I worked in the morning a few weeks ago.

Keep safe, world.

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