Tuesday Tidbits

Poor Curious Dog had to be content with just one walk yesterday, in the morning (the morning walk is the longest) and a bit of playing in the garden in the evening instead of another walk. After working until 5 p.m., I had to go grocery shopping. As we’d arrived on Sunday when the shops in Germany are usually all closed, we didn’t have any fresh food in the house. I don’t like grocery shopping on Mondays, because the produce section in the supermarket is usually still depleted from the preceding Saturday which a lot of people use for their weekly shopping trip. By the time I got back home, it was 6 p.m. I called Partner so we could check up on each other and then we had dinner and after dinner I was too tired for a walk. So, I just threw CD’s ball for him to chase a few times and I guess he was happy (at least he didn’t keep nudging me to take him for his walk).

We had a nice walk this morning, and a short walk in the late afternoon. The weather was very changeable, foggy and cool at 10°C in the morning, sunny later on, then some showers, then sunny again… Autumn-like in the morning, April-like the rest of the day.

It’s holiday time and colleagues are on vacation – the time of strange out-of-office replies. Yesterday I sent a mail to a few colleagues as a reminder that they needed to publish some documents later this week and promptly got an out-of-office reply from one of them. It just said “I’m on vacation, please expect a delay in my reply”. What a useless message: it didn’t say when they would be back or who would take over their tasks in their absence. I had to check their online calendar which told me that they wouldn’t be back in time and then I had to find out in the content management system who else was assigned to the document so that I could to delegate the publication task to someone else. Luckily that person was available. Once, a few years ago, someone wrote in their out-of-office reply that they were on vacation until such and such a time and that if the emails sent to them during their absence were still relevant on their return, the senders should resend them. Obviously, they planned to delete all the unread mails in their inbox once they were back in the office. This caused a bit of a scandal and we had a session in our team meeting on how to correctly maintain out-of-office replies (although that odd message wasn’t written by anyone in my direct team). Secretly, we probably all felt that it would be great to delete one’s unread emails after one’s vacation. Depending on the length of the vacation, there are usually hundreds to plow through (and quite a few of them are no longer relevant). The joys of office work!


As for my restarted Yoga practice: I didn’t do any Yoga on the weekend, as I didn’t have time since we had visitors. On Sunday, I would’ve had time after we arrived in Bavaria, but I didn’t think of it. Monday was really tiring, and I didn’t have a suitable time (you can’t do Yoga after dinner on a full stomach, which was the only time I would’ve had). So today was the first time since Thursday. It went reasonably well. I think I remembered all the poses – after having lugged my Yoga instruction book to Bavaria every time for years, now that I’ve actually started doing it again, I promptly forgot to bring it. I’m still pretty stiff (no wonder, since I’ve only been doing the poses a few times so far), but I feel energized afterwards.

I had a very productive workday today. Only one meeting so lots of time to review those documents that have to be done this week. Only one more to go tomorrow and some fixes and follow-ups. Not a lot of meetings tomorrow either, so I might be able to get that last one crossed off, too. Then Thursday for a few left-over odds and ends and I’ll be finished a whole week before the deadline. It won’t matter if my second Corona vaccination takes me out of commission for a couple of days next week (which I sincerely hope it won’t). Partner is feeling tired but otherwise fine after his vaccination yesterday.

Keep safe, world.

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