October Update

I haven’t posted for so long… since mid of September. At first, I had a lot on my plate, then I was on vacation and after my vacation I had completely lost the habit of writing. I kept composing posts in my head, but never actually sat down, opened Word and started to write. So, here’s what I’ve been up to (short version):

On the third weekend of September, Mum and I travelled to Düsseldorf to visit my Dad’s only sister to pick up some tableware that belonged to my grandmother and that my aunt wanted to get rid of. That took the entire day, 7 hours on the Autobahn (there-and-back in one day). I had dreaded it, but it was fine. A lovely sunny day after a foggy start and no traffic jams to speak of. Seeing my aunt was lovely.


Then I spent the rest of September prepping my workload so that my colleagues wouldn’t have to pick up too much while I was away and that I wouldn’t have a huge backlog after my vacation. That worked out well but left me too tired to post anything.
Then I had to pack everything we needed for our vacation and for our regular week in Bavaria. We took our place in Bavaria as the starting point for our vacation, as it was in the South Tyrol, which is much nearer to Bavaria than to my place in Baden-Württemberg. This meant more luggage than usual. The car was loaded with extra dog paraphernalia and other stuff we needed for the vacation.

In Bavaria, Mum and I were busy cleaning up the house for guests, since Cousin 1 and her boyfriend stayed a night before we left for Italy, and Partner was staying too. And I still had a couple of days to work and stuff to organize, so I was quite busy then as well.

Our trip to Italy was great. We stayed in a cute small holiday house, in a small town called Karersee (Carezza al Lago in Italian). It was very cosy, very well equipped (the best vacation home I’ve ever stayed in), had a lovely view of the Rosengarten and the Latemar mountain ridges in the Dolomites. We had two days of bad weather, but the rest of the week was sunny (a bit cold but perfect for hiking). We went for long scenic walks and Partner and the others once took a funicular up the mountains and walked a mountain track. Not suitable for dogs, so I didn’t go (but I didn’t mind as I don’t care much for heights). We had a good time. Curious Dog pulled on the leash like a champion, but we managed anyway. I had thought it would have been worse.

On our return, Partner stayed a few days in Bavaria, and we did a few things near my place. I took him on a steep track just a few kilometres from my house. I’ve been wanting to walk that track for years, but had never done so, because it isn’t suitable for dogs. It was much scarier than any hike we did in the Dolomites. Very steep, lots of climbing around the Jurassic cliffs that exist near my place. A real adventure. I was happy to have managed it, but I’m not doing it again. I hadn’t known it would involve such a lot of scrambling up the sides of cliffs, holding on to roots and rocks. Once we’d gone up one steep part, it was too daunting to turn back, so we had to keep on. It took about 2.5 to 3 hours, up and down all the way. The next few days were painful, as I’d pulled a muscle or something in my leg and could hardly move.

Work started again on October 13 and since then I’ve been thinking about posting but not actually doing it. I think I’ll try to do a blog post per day in November (which I think I did last year as well). My version of doing NaNoWriMo. I’ll expand a bit on my vacation adventures and on the books I’ve been reading. I’m very behind on my book reviews.

Keep safe, world.

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