Trip to the Vet’s

Yesterday I missed another November post, because instead of writing one I had to take Curious Dog to the vet. He has developed an infection of the prepuce. This was the first time we visited the vet at my place. He always gets his yearly vaccinations at the vet’s in Bavaria and he’s only ever needed other vet visits (very seldom, luckily) when we were in Bavaria. I looked up the vet’s surgery hours here yesterday and they were only open between 4 and 6 p.m. When I turned up with Curious Dog (I left him in the car while I dealt with the registration), it turned out that the surgery was really full. I ended up waiting an hour outside in the cold (didn’t want to stay in the waiting room because of Corona). I didn’t want to sit in the car because that was cold too. I basically paced around my car and recited all the poetry I could remember to myself, hummed some songs and otherwise tried to pass the time. Curious Dog was sitting in his car box.


When at last it was CD’s turn, he was quite excited (as usual when he’s at the vet). The vet and her assistant tried to lift him onto the examining table, but he wouldn’t let them. In the end I had to do it. Then I had to put his muzzle on because he kept growling just a little bit (good thing we practiced that). We made him lie down on his side and the assistant had a nifty way of holding him still, while I held onto his head. The examination didn’t hurt him, he just didn’t care for it. So, the vet diagnosed the infection problem and irrigated CD’s prepuce with a syringe full of anti-bacterial liquid. She did it very well, but Partner and I have to do it for the next 5 days. We’re starting tonight and I’m not really looking forward to it. CD also got an antibiotic shot and some tablets and if all that doesn’t clear the infection, we’ll have to revisit the vet in 5 days. In the meantime, he has to wear a body, so that he doesn’t keep licking himself. He’s very good about letting me dress him up in it, but afterwards he looks put out about having to wear it. We take it off when we go for walks. Otherwise, he would have had to wear one of those cone things around his neck and I’m sure that would have been even more annoying for him. I’ve had to order another body online, so that he can wear one while the other one gets washed. Wearing the same one for 5 days would be quite unhygienic and not exactly good for the infection.

I hope the infection will have cleared up at the end of the 5 days. He’s otherwise fine, as hungry as ever and as eager to go on his walks as ever, which is good. I’d be worried if CD was off his food.

Yesterday at work I had a quite surreal meeting with a colleague from another team who wanted to show me some inexplicable things our content management tool supposedly did with their content. Turned out the tool did nothing inexplicable but that the colleague had absolutely no clue what they were doing. They’ve been working with that tool for years and don’t understand the most basic things about it. I was very patient and explained everything but actually I was horrified. I was tempted to advise them to repeat the basic tool trainings but I didn’t dare – they probably would have been insulted. Most of my colleagues are super competent, some of them know more about the tools than I do, but with some colleagues one is left wondering…

The weather is foggy and cold – yesterday the sun came out in the middle of the day and stayed awhile, but today the fog was stronger. It never cleared up and it looks like the weather will stay that way for most of the weekend. Perfect for cozying up with a book and a cup of Glühwein (hot spiced wine). I’m glad that my work week is over, and the weekend is at the door.

Keep safe, world.

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