I like reading about other people’s lives on their blogs and I’ve been playing with the idea of starting my own blog for quite some time. This year I’m turning 50* and I thought it’s now or never. I plan to blog about selected happenings from my daily life, my reading, my family, my dog, my experiences with meditation (which I have recently established a daily habit of after about a year of attending weekly short meditation sessions offered at my place of work). Nothing particularly unique or earth-shaking, I’m sure, but maybe someone out there will find some of it enjoyable.

I earn my living as a technical writer at a large corporation. I studied literature at university and I still enjoy reading very much. I read everything that strikes my fancy: crime, sci-fi, non-fiction, poetry. I love blog posts that talk about what the blogger is reading as this often helps me find new reading material.

I live with my dear partner and our curious dog (a lab mix). I also live with my mother, as I spend about a third of every month with her, to help with grocery shopping, money matters or trips to the doctor’s, or anything else that may need doing.

Have I said that I like reading? When I have no time to read, I get grumpy. I also enjoy walking and playing with the dog, watching films and TV series (especially sci-fi, crime, and documentations about all sorts of topics). I also used to like doing crafts like needlework or knitting, but at this point in my life I haven’t got time for that — I wouldn’t have enough time to read if I started knitting again (the horror). Maybe when I retire — but that’s still more than a decade in the future, so hard to know how that will turn out.

I’m a discreet, non-dogmatic vegan (discreet meaning that I only talk about it if I’m asked, non-dogmatic meaning that I often eat vegetarian when I go out or visit friends, as I don’t want to be a nuisance. It’s not that easy to find vegan restaurants outside big cities in Germany). I don’t think that being vegan is the only valid way of life and I don’t like to argue with people about it. It’s suits me, but most likely not everyone. That said, I do think that everyone at least in the industrialized world should be mindful of the horrific way animals are treated in mainstream agribusiness – this needs to change and I hope very much that in time it will.

I live in Germany and I’ll use some German words (explained, of course) when I feel like it. I enjoy mixing up my languages (at least a little bit). It’s the best part of being bilingual.

*I’m now 52 🙂