Fence Building Snafus

Today, we wanted to finish our fence project, as far as possible. We hit some annoying snags:

  1. The shaft of my partner’s sledgehammer broke off as he was trying to hammer the post anchor into the ground. We had to revert to using the back end of the axe head. That was OK.
  2. The second post anchor couldn’t be anchored, because there was some obstruction in the ground where it was supposed to go. That wasn’t OK – I need that post.
  3. The fence wire wasn’t long enough for the space under the hedge. So, I made a kind of ugly netting out of some left-over clothes line and chewed dog leashes, which I will have to replace with something nicer. The neighbours may think we are bonkers. Curious Dog showed his appreciation (or whatever) by peeing on it.

So basically, the fence is still not done. I think we must be among the most inept of fence-builders in the history of fences. I still haven’t ordered the garden gate, either, because I haven’t found one that’s right for us. At the rate this is going, Summer will be over before we get the fence done. Oh, the incompetence.

At least the rest of the day was fine. Went grocery shopping in the morning. It was very full, because the shops where closed on Friday and will be closed until Tuesday. I got white asparagus for dinner, the first of the season. It’s grown hereabouts, and we always have some during the season. For lunch, we had the left-over half of yesterday’s pumpkin baked in the oven, very nice. We also had some herbed tofu and Mutti had made a Grünkern spread. Grünkern is unripe spelt grain that’s smoked over beech chips. It has a hearty taste and is supposed to be healthy. We also use it in soups.

For dinner we had the asparagus with salt potatoes and a soy yoghurt sauce with spring onions. My partner peeled and cooked the asparagus (it’s a tradition) and potatoes, and I mixed the sauce. Yum!

Otherwise, I continued reading my book and we continued watching the second season of The Bridge. It’s very convoluted and half the fun is trying to guess how it all fits together. At the moment, we’re wildly guessing and probably totally off the mark.

In the afternoon, at 4 p.m., I took Curious Dog for his walk. It was sunny and hot, and he panted a lot and drank from the two wells we passed. They have public wells (marked “non-potable” — I won’t be drinking from them, but they look fine for the dog) here that look like watering troughs for horses. Must be historical artefacts, as they look old.

I also managed my 45 minutes of meditation, which went as usual. Not particularly great, but also not bad.

Apart from the fence annoyance, it was a lovely day.


Building the Fence

I had the day off today. I wasn’t sure that I was really going to return here late last night, and to give me the option of driving down today, I took the day off.

I used it to:

  • Sleep in (nice after the late-for-me night)
  • Go grocery shopping (this ought to last us past Good Friday, when the shops will be closed)
  • Bake some muffins (yum, with apple pieces and buckwheat flour)
  • Cook a cauliflower, potato, and carrot curry casserole (also yum)
  • Do a long meditation session
  • Walk Curious Dog (once, my partner did the other walks)
  • Start the fence-building project

My partner and I nailed the fence wire I bought last week in two layers to the posts of the carport. This was easy (very important for two such DIY-impaired persons as the both of us) and worked great. The rest of the project will take some time as I have yet to order the rest of the required hardware. But it’s an encouraging start! Maybe we can go on with the next step on Saturday.

I totally forgot to make an appointment with the oral surgery. Blast!

Saw the burning Notre Dame de Paris on the news. What a shock – I’m feeling the pain with our neighbours in France.